…..And so it begins…

Hi I’m Porta Gregor, I ve wanted to set up this blog for a while but there is so much involved and thought to go into this so please bear with me.

So yay it’s 4th of July…independence day in the U.S.A  but the rest of the world it’s just the day the will smith and jeff goldberg killed the aliens….but for those that don’t know it’s the day the Americans told the English to shag off home and take yer rule with ye…but all these years on America has a new problem…if they elect that crazy heifer into the white house they re fucked and that means we re fucked….moral of the story…we re all fucked….but that’s for another’s days  rant cause even the F.B.I can’t decide what to charge her with….spoilt for choice poor devil’s. So hilary is for another day

Today I wanna cheer people up, everybody looks in the mirror and at some stage asks themselves ” am I a good person” or ” am I a failure ” and so on…well think bout this, I came across a muppet who is the same age as me and he actually made a video bout wanting to fight some other fella over God knows what…probably some one looked at someone or some kinda monkey shit like that…once I saw it i just thought to myself “thank God I’m not you, ya muppet” I instantly fealt better bout all the stuff in my life and any mistake I ve made least I’m not sitting at home making videos to have a fight with some other fella using Muhammad Ali quotes and sending it to people….those of you not lucky enough to know a fucking idiot like this just think bout this….Bono is ment to be this be charity man and save the world and gives the impression of ” u ll never be as good as me….mister” but what came out in the mainstream media last week was ..Mr.do good wasn’t doing as much good as you think.

Yes it came out that Bono was giving ( wait for it) 1.1% of the money donated to the people it was ment for. So that means of every €1 you gave to a charity associated with Bono 98.9 cent he kept or went somewhere else other than where it was ment too.

When asked bout this and called out onit…Bono upped the donation to the massive amount of 1.3%…..I shit you not. How can a guy who makes so much money from music (credit where its due he can write a song and has written some of the best songs over last 20 or more years) want to take money from the needy???? How much money is enough???? There is only so many cars, houses, planes and shit you can have before there is no enjoyment cause nothing is outa reach. I can’t picture a life were I just want more money for the sake of having just more…..there has to be something to look forward too plus I could not look at myself in the mirror if I was openly lying for money to help people and then keeping it….but still wanting to  be known as a do gooder….what a load of bollox….I call bullshit…someone has too. Also Bono doesn’t even live in the Republic of Ireland any more….he lives in Holland for tax reasons but still pretends to be more irish than any man on earth!!! The whole band of U2 visited my home town recently ( it was to visit the grave of they re friend….which I respect out of them) but our local propaganda weekly headlined it as ” the day U2 visited the town” or something like that ( I’m kinda glad I don’t know the headline)….but no one mentioned  the charity, no one mentioned the money….all just smiles to be seen with em…..I can’t do that. I rather charge Bono to have his photo taken with me😀

So to sum up …if you are staring blindly in the mirror going “where is my life….how did I get here….I’m such a loser” stop and say to yourself ” Hey I don’t rip off the needy…I don’t have so much money that life has no meaning….I fucking like working towards the things I want….I m a fucking legend and most of all…..THANK FUCK I’M NOT BONO” 😀😀😀

Until tomorrow guys and gals…please comment and bear with me cause I’m new at this…..and stupid😀

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