I’m feeling like a freak on a leash 

For no reason that anyone can work out, alot of millionaire’s and billionaires seem to be moving to New Zealand…I mean they re selling they re shit and moving to New Zealand !!!maybe they think Frodo is still out there try to get rid of that shagging ring while pretending he doesn’t have the hots for the fat guy hobbit thing with him ( shit did I just hint at gayness….the LGBT will kick my ass for racism or worse). But anyway why New Zealand….nobody seems to have a good answer. It would nt really trouble me cause I am neither but for a second scary money point …..the banks are giving out loans again!!!

Here in the rep.of ireland during the so called boom times every class of a muppet had to own a house. Some people it had to be 2 or 3 houses and happily the banks gave out the money to anyone even me ( problem with me was I spent all the money they gave me on hookers and drink….so I’m a whole form of a different muppet) so there everybody is with a house or houses and massive loan…..then bang the market crashes and people lose everything.  Now the houses that were repossessed are now on sale ( by the bank) to a new younger generation of muppet  ( who are even dumber than we were) who have to get a loan from the same banks who are selling the houses. Yes it’s a win win for the bank because they re offering 100% morgage….full well knowing that they will end up taking your money then your house and then selling it to your kids who will need a loan from them to buy it….the circle completes itself again.

To add to my worries ( yes I worry because I’m a father to 3 cats) the R.B.S. ( royal Bank of Scotland) told they re customers to ” sell everything ” !!! I don’t mean just shares, it was advised to sell the bonds, the house, the car, the dog, the cat….your wife or husband if u can find a buyer…they advised a fire sale …everything must go. Why?

I wasn’t to bothered when I first read bout it cause I ve jack shit to sell…except myself ( porta … cut out the gay hints) but if you add this to the rich fleeing like rats to New Zealand….the banks offering 100% mortgages to anyone who can just about write they re name let alone have a job and you ve got the perfect storm. ANOTHER GOD DAM MONEY CRASH….yes I’m saying it there is another money crash coming…..it’s a great big shit sandwich and we all gotta take a bite.

It don’t stop there, it was reported yesterday that prisoners in irish prisons spent €5.5m in the fucking prison tuck shop….wtf is the Irish prison service a fucked up version of school….” jasus lads they love the Mars bars…can’t keep em on the shelfs” the worst bit is….the money they spent is given to them by the government…..in other words tax money. So you are paying tax to pay the guy who will break into your house when he gets out….if you can find the sense in that let me know….answers on a postcard and address it to my ass ( porta that could thought out as a…).

All these things going on money wise and then you ve the Pope coming out saying that we have to say Sorry to gay people ( ah I’m fucked already so I may as well continue) what must I say sorry for….fuck knows. I ve never done or said anything bad to a gay person ( well I did call will Smiths son a fucking idiot for saying ” it’s high fashion…..dresses for men”…dude there is a difference between high fashion and just being high…fucking idiot) but the Pope is still ranting bout saying sorry…..maybe the Pope is high too cause he also said to catholics  ( I’m a Catholic…amongst other things) that we have to make love to women in bee keeper suits!!! I have enough trouble trying to get a bra open with one hand ( i lie I’m good at it girls) and getting a girl out of a pair of skinny jeans ( that’s hard) than trying to get a woman out of a bee keeper suit!!! I mean where do you start….fuck knows what’s under there ….what happens if it’s a dude ( rite im dealing with this …the LGBT can go kiss my ass now….if ur offended by reading this…sucker u read it till the end….i fucking rock)….there is just too many surprises…..my little brain can’t cope with it.

So we re heading for another money crash, the LGBT are going to shoot me, I ve nothing to sell and I ve to make love to a bee keeper…..I’m so a freak on a leash!!!

Until tomorrow guys and gals😊

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