Lady Gaga Vs. Saddam

Fucking golf,of all the stupid sports that are in the world, golf has to be one of the worst. To make matters worse,it now has been added to the Olympics. But where are all the golfers…. in hiding just in case they might get the ZIKA virus. The Olympics to me is the highest a sports person can go, the honor, the prestige,the everything that goes with being able to say  “i competed at the Olympics” and these shity stupid golfers ( a sport which shouldn’t even be in the Olympics anyway) wont go to Rio not because of the virus but because they may lose out on making a couple of million at some stupid get together of the rich and famous…..honestly all golfers sicken me. At a pro level its pushed in your face as the sport of the nice boys, but the majority of them are degenerates just like the rest of us but like the press of being painted as nice boys, then at a local level you ve got a gathering of muppets who think by joining a golf club they will move up in the world…ie become men… Sorry guys there is a club that does that and it aint fucking golf… if you have to ask what that club is then you dont deserve to be in it.

While these silly pants wearing idiots are mixing with the so called celebrities, enter Lady Gaga. She is about to turn 30 and gets named woman of the year and a great role model for young women everywhere ( lady gaga is one of the hardest working musicians i can think out, loves and looks after her fans, and she can write and sing…. for all these reasons i respect her) but she aint no role model,she is completely nuts . Another girl being put on a band stand is Emma Watson. She is  an U.N. ambassador for young women. Just because she shagged harry potter in the the movie of “harry potter and the order of the red headed fella dropping acid and tripping  out thinking bout harry rattling his woman with a broomstick up his ass ( i just work out worked out what hogwarts means…. dont have sex with a hog with warts) this does not make her a role model for young women . Yes they can relate to her from the movies but that was just a character not who she really is. Neither of these women have addressed Bill Clinton rape cases, have said nothing about Hilary claiming to be on the side of women everywhere when she gets  $24 m from Suadi Arabia, a country where if  a woman is raped she is charged with cheating and some asshole builds a wall and then pushs the wall on her……why are celebrities not addressing this… its current, its in your face but still no. The true women to look up too are the everyday women who get up each morning , bring they re kids up right and manage to juggle life,work and motherhood together….I know I could nt.

But it all comes down to oil. Before the brits go and hang Tony Blair from an apple tree think about this. Every country has a central bank, central banks are privately owned, so when bankers in America tell George w. Bush to invade Iraq he thus calls on Tony Blair  because England is still in debt to America for World War Two. Now people are coming out in force to say there was no need to invade Iraq and Tony Blair should be hung. Look, everyone and they re mother knew that there was no W.M.D.s…..but that aside Saddam was a piece of shit and he had to go, and now by saying that there was no need for war it is like spitting in the face of the soldiers who lost lifes or lost limbs for they re country when they re country called. ..its called duty and I think it should be respected…and to the soldiers who fought, you have my respect. If anyone is to blame for any of this its George Bush senior and his connection to Saudi Arbia. If the coalition didnt get rid of saddam the saudis would lose on the price of oil. So it comes back to oil then  money then countries pushed to war and to distract us all we give awards to women who are no more role models than i am.

That’s why it comes down to Lady gaga Vs Saddam, Saddam was gotten rid of to force a western idea on the people of Iraq and then Afghanistan, how do you explain to a guy in the mountains of Iraq or Afghanistan who knows nothing of the west that we got rid of Saddam and yer leaders in order for you to have Lady Gaga and Emma Watson as role models for yer women (most of whom are not even allowed sit in the front of a car and can only show they re eyes in they re bee keeper suits) it’s just a step to far to quick and will generate hate for the guys who want to keep women under they re control, instead of trying to hang Tony Blair maybe you should try thanking him cause with out coalition troops being in the area the whole middle east would be contolled by Saudi Arbia and the bunch of nutters that don’t want Lady Gaga or Emma Watson , and dont want role models of any sort other than themselfs. Tony Blair was the man who held back Bush from letting the saudis and the nutters control the middle east. Saddam had to go… was it done for the right reasons and has the outcome been what was exppected only time will tell. But one of thing all these people have in commen, Saudi Princes, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and stupid fucking golfers is that they all rub sholders at the same events, polo matchs (another stupid sport)..lavish parties  and so on…try to get your head around that …. cause i cant.

im sorry for today… was a bit of a rant but the gathering of the rich at events of wealth and maddness  of money does sicken me.

Until tomorrow…. love you all guys and gals……

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