I’m stupid get me outa here…

While the world seems to be going to hell in handbag ( seriously these are times to remember but for the wrong reasons) don’t worry because ireland has the answer to all the world’s problems ….ignore them.
Yesterday one of Irelands hottest women but a women who needs to be in the papers for any reason…Vougue Williams…she said how sickened she was to have shared a plane with 10 drunk guys….it’s a fucking plane journey the only thing to do is get pissed!!! Clearly she either doesn’t fly much or it was her first time using an Irish airline( any irish airline that I ve flown with I have expected to see people bring chickens and goats on the plane with em) she got even more sickened when someone vomited in the seat….this coming from a woman who had sex with Brian macfadden surely vomit can’t be as bad as that.

So mass shootings in Dallas, black panters wanting to shoot white cops, south Sudan in trouble again, war almost certain between nato and Russia  ….but ireland puts it’s head deeper in the sand . Enter a story I found yesterday bout irish students  after they re exams going on holidays. 

First off I don’t give a shit what you do on holidays…you are ment to go mad…but an Irish reporter went to Spain to see what was happening when Irish students went on holiday and was “shocked” to find out that irish young fellas visit whore houses…and irish girls fuck anything in sight for the two weeks on holidays….get off you re fucking high horse and stop pretending that you  are shocked by this…Here’s why.

I would rather irish guys visit strip clubs and visit whore houses than attack some girl back here. After two weeks of sex drugs and drink….they are burnt out…well the normal ones are…and don’t want see the inside of these places again. Now for the girls…shagging everything is sight is fine till you pick up a dose.. IF ye are lucky girls it will only be something minor but you can die from some of the stuff out there  ( i know that’s not going to slow down a drunk irish teenage girl on holidays…think sex crazed porn star rabbit) but here again it’s better to burn it out of they re system than it to happen later in life and ruin a marriage where there is kids involved.  I hope people see what I getting at here…to much of Ireland is made up of people looking back on they re lives regretting that they have not lived. Just accept the fact that students are going to go insane on holidays….let them.

We have so much more to worry about at the moment…the crazy heifer Hillary  looks like she ll get into the white house…everyday there seems to more people fished out of the Mediterranean…war is looming weather we like it or not and oh I’m having a mid life crisis cause I wanna buy a motor bike and get a tattoo ( health won’t let me get tattoo thou..but maybe)

More on my midlife crisis tomorrow…until then guys and girls…oh and if anyone wants to gimme a bike please do…

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