Not having any clue what to write about today ( not that there isn’t anything going on in the world…nato build up near Russia..Bernie jumping ship to team Hilary…foods now being racist…and everyone writing a cook book) I guess I ll write about myself.

Hi, I’m Porta Gregor and I m the most insane bastard you ll meet. It took along time to get to this stage ( just like what was said bout Otis Reading..”he ll be great once he suffers and lives some more”) I can say i have lived. There is no better feeling than looking in the mirror and being able to see the lines and wear in ur face and knowing why those lines are there.

I ve been sick my whole life…total stays in hospital total to over 10 years but I’m not going to bitch about it..it’s part of me….if you wanna know my full health story ( for it is a sad tale, I’m like that weird creepy guy in lord of the rings..hang on lord of the rings is full of weird creepy guys)…drop me a line and I ll tell you all bout it..but all I will say now is, health wise  I’m fucked up and yesterday and today were bad so my brain won’t work. It’s the rest of my life that  is more interesting anyway.

If you re going to do something just do it…what I ve found in life  is there is two types of people those who do things and those who talk about it….the talkers will bring you down massively…” I’m going to be the leader of the country” ” I’m an actor” ” my business will be so successful you ll be glad to know me” …jesus if I had a euro for every time I heard that shit I’d would be seriously rich…most of those comments were make by people in they re 30s who have been saying the same shit since 20…either give it up or get on with it….me I’m a doer. Have I failed…of course I have fucking failed  but I  can say that from everything I have done in my life I ve learned from…weather it be a success or failure I ve learned. Will I ever give up fighting,never…I will never lie down for you …never stop believing in myself …and never stop doing what I think to be right ( no matter where it leads me)…because I have honor….without it I’m nothing….but there is so many people walking around without honor they will take from you in order to make they re own self feel good ( money …I ve had and lost and will have again…fast cars..you name it and I ve driven it…women.. I ve loved and lost and will do the same again…in short ..” shoot to thrill, I’m  ready to kill, too many women and too many pills”)

I don’t respect celebrities, I don’t respect you if you have money…I don’t give a fuck who you think you are or just because some fucking asshole in a backwoods butt fuck bar says ” he is some man “…I don’t give a shit bout that stuff. The people I respect are the people who work hard and come home to they re families…the people who no matter what shit they have in they re lives still smile and get on with they re day. The people who try…the people who get off they re arses and do what makes them happy….I respect the people who don’t see it in themselves because they don’t need too….try to say to me ” do you not know who I am” and I ll either bitch slap you and laugh or send you away crying back to team BRESSIE…cause that’s where losers go.

I’m a musican/ writer/ blogger/ asshole…tool, who doesn’t care. I’m 36 going on 20…I love big engines…long cool women in black dresses…guns..guitars …sex …and rock and roll…..to sum it up….I AM PORTA GREGOR…..make of me what you will.

Tomorrow my brain will work again…until then…Porta loves you all guys and gals

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