Why is the Pope telling me to love some dude….till his wife gets home..

I’m a catholic  ( amongst other things) and I can’t figure this Pope out. He says ” we all have to say sorry to gay people” but he never kinda said why….now he wants me to love my nearest Muslim till his wife gets home….or something.  Is he completely stoned? I ve never done anything to a gay person …nor am I loving some dude till his wife gets home…Muslim or otherwise…not the way I swing Popey dude..but whatever floats your boat!!! A small bit of history bout the Pope….there is also a Black Pope ( no its not batman) he is the head of the jesuits but the current Pope is a jesuit so now the white Pope takes his orders from the black Pope….very confusing. But that’s another days story.

 I thought France was terrible and it sickened me to read about it…Turkey..I don’t really care about because the whole country is  just fucking around trying to find someone to blame when it’s the whole country is to blame….now more police shot in U.S.A….I’m doing a call to anyone who has this madness of hate of wanting to kill people in them…PLEASE JUST STOP!!! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

I’m going to die young….I have rare health conditions  ( contact me if you want to know bout them…I’m not going to whine like a bitch bout the mental stress like every other muppet …” such is life) but I ll be fucked if I’m going to check outa this world without trying to improve it. ” who is a man who does not try to make his world better” I live by this. But hate is overtaking us in a crazy frenzy.  I saw in my local propaganda paper a 10 year old kid won a prize for fancy dress…the costume….child was dressed as a Mexican and had Mexican flag and a big sign that said trump is a racist!!! This gets a prize!!!!….it’s just a teacher or parent forcing they re ideas on to a child…what is this child going to take from this…i got a prize cause mammy said Trump is a racist…so he must be a racist cause mammy is right? Wrong!!!

Children should not be forced into this situation….it’s gone to a stage now that the mention of calling someone else a racist makes you cool. Fuck off!!! I am not racist against anyone ….to be a racist is just plain stupid…but what is coming out of the ” black Lives matter” camp is the idea of only black Lives matter…shooting police is awful..saying to kill whites us awful. Police killing innocent guys is wrong..clerics calling for  ” run down infidels with your car” is the most heart hardening thing I ve heart….with the Nice attack and now more shootings in the  U.S.A….it is only spreading hate…PLEASE JUST STOP!!!ALL LIVES MATTER.

But I know it will fall on deaf ears. Bono was evacuated from Nice over the asshole in the truck….why the fuck evaluate him…if he was the man he claimed to be he would have stayed to help the injured. Bono was in no danger. There is so many stories like this it makes me sick. Think of me what you will….but I ve drawn a line and I know what’s right…so to all the ” little miss can’t be wrong” who talk but never do can just kiss my ass….I ain’t running.

I know I sound angry….it’s because I am. I tired of the same celebrities saying the same shit day after day. I’m tired of charities being stolen from and people getting away with it. I thought we were beyond stuff like what is going on in South Sudan but no. Once you open any paper it’s mainly about who is fucking who. .

On that note…Mick Jagger became a father again at 72.. but he is also a great Grand father to another child so that makes the child that was just born the gran aunt of the other child …right? That’s going to be one fucked up family get together. Do people just get more stupid with money and fame??? Even one of my cats ” Bobby Voll ” has more sense  ( daddy loves you)

Until tomorrow guys and girls….watch out for the Pope…

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