…..but would you get up on her after 20 pints Guinness???

Raghad Hussein 

OK so we all know that Saddam and his sons, Hooty and Toothy Fruity  ( not real names) were bat shit crazy….but you never hear that much bout his daughters. Saddam had 3 daughters. Two are pretty boring but Raghad Hussein has had a pretty interesting life and well…she’s hot.

I’m not going to go into her politics to much here, she is as nuts as her father and supports ISIS, she invests her her money in terrorism, to be honest it’s not a very clever way to spend your money. Everyone will hate you and it’s not exactly like there will be much return on investment, but how someone spends they re money is they re business ( i spend mine on hookers and booze). But let’s look at her life.

Up until a few days ago I didn’t even know Raghad even existed and when i did find out she existed I got curious about her. She married a guy in the 80s who used to sell state secrets bout Iraq to the C.I.A. and M.I.6. Of course saddam found out bout the whole lot and killed him and exiled his wife ( SADDAM’S DAUGHTER) ..what a bastard but could have been worst cause he did lock up his son, torture him and kick him outa the country for a while because Hooty  (not real name) was sicken at daddy for having a mistress…seriously what a fucked up family.

For the next few years Raghad didn’t do much but can you blame her. She had children and she brought them up . Ah it’s not like it was rough she has more money than any two western billionaires put together. So when Iraq 2 began she went in to exile in Jordan on humanitarian grounds.So when they found daddy down in a hole ( wonder was he listening to sound garden at the time) Raghad came into her element.

Being bat shit crazy, she started to support the insurgents in Iraq calling for them to kick out the ” infidels ” ( i wish they would stop calling us infidels…it’s not nice) so she saw her chance and got on TV.  the new Iraqi government have asked Jordan loads of times to have her back and have issued an arrest warrant for her….but Jordan just basically say ” no fuck off”

So what do you do when u have an arrest warrant world wide issued for you and you ve been named ” the godmother of terrorism “…yes you ve guessed it…design high end jewellery. Raghad started designing her own jewellery range based off the presents that her daddy gave her before he killed her husband.

Banin Hussain 

OK so the jewellery is dogshit but it’s selling…..people seem to buy anything I guess once you famous. This is where we come to her daughter  ( Saddams  granddaughter) Banin. She got married recently and Raghad posted pictures of her hen night on Instagram…..and they were all on the piss!!! Short skirts …looking sexy…not a bee keeper suit in sight. I thought they weren’t allowed go on the piss cause of religion…but who the hell is going to tell the Hussein family that). So all the photos were on Instagram and the cric was had….till the wedding. Banin wore a 25kg dress made out of gold!!! How the hell did she walk in it…I can’t even lift 25kg let alone wear it. The wedding was even covered by the celebrity magazines!!!

So back to the burning question….would you get up on Raghad Hussein after 20 pints of Guinness…..ah yes I would ( after 20 pints of  Guinness  I d get up on a cracked plate) but as I wake up the next morning staring at the ceiling that you know is not your house and you ask yourself ” where the fuck am i” then you look over and she explains to you that she is Saddams daughter….I would be gone out the window while trying to put on my jeans and looking over my shoulder wondering if she has me in the cross hairs of a high powered rifle screaming ” come back ya bastard…I ll fucking find you”( it has happened to all of us….just when it’s the godmother of terrorism shouting kinda take it a bit serious)

Until tomorrow guys and gals keep yer eyes out for the Mrs pig vomit’s of this world and on another note…to guy who told me to suck his ball yesterday, I’d like to start a collection to buy this dude a new ball…give generously please 😀

Love you all guys and gals….

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