Having managed to piss off the most evil group there is ( the 40 something single mothers who sit at home waiting to be offended) I’m ve been put on a short leash for a while but what cut me the most was a person I thought was my friend, she really dug the knife in

I thought I knew this person and I liked her alot but having first complaining about my grammar and spelling ( i ll admit it’s my weak part as I missed alot of school and I know it’s no excuse but I never really caught up in this area) she then wanted me to send my blog to her first to be edited….never…it would nt be me talking and would be full of lefty crap where we all stick daisies up our asses and love everything. But the worst thing  she said to me was that I only had pics of naked women and she only read my blog because she knew me….that hurt. If you think I’m a bollox tell me and I ll back up what I say…if you like me then great but I don’t need praise as it’s just me speaking my mind….but reading 3 lines of a blog and thinking that’s all it is about is sickening.  I now know how journalists feel when people miss the point of what they write.

Luckily for me 99% of people are able to take in what I write and make  up they re own minds…that’s what I love about you guys and gals…ye can make informed decisions but yesterday I came across 5 out of 300 people who read 3 lines and got offended. When I tried to address they re issues and back up what I had written…well they disappeared to sulk. I then took a look at they re blogs Mrs pig vomit  had a blog about ” for a small fee I can enlighten you about jesus” as I have said ” MY JESUS DON’T NEED A SMALL FEE ….CAUSE J.C. ROCKS” so fuck you Mrs pig vomit  and no need to thank me for your one and only view. Three of the others were irish ( we ll call em ” the kakkal of bitches ” ) got offended within 2 min of my post going up….why…fuck knows. They re own blogs were ” 10 ways to wear old shoes with new dresses ” or something….if that’s what you wanna write about i respect that and I ll read them ( sure I don’t like them but I respect the work gone into it) and I click like to give my support…but these people are communists…tunnel vision…can’t see farther than they re nose.

They don’t trouble me too much because I believe in myself and will never give up…but my so called friend really dug the knife because I knew she didn’t read what I wrote and just guessed. Why do these people smile to you re face but cut the arse off you behind you re back….I can’t work it out. I guess I’m trying to say is keep your dreams alive, never let anyone get in your way…never back down..and when people cut you deep, just smile and thank them and move on. But believe in yourself and you can do anything. 

This is where I need  all of yer help. If  you love or hate me please share these posts just once….it would mean the world to me. This blog is only the beginning,I have so many more plans that I ll either make it or die trying….so please help me.

If something is troubling you…tell me and I ll talk about it, if you re being bullied contact me and I ll make them wish they d never been born…if you need anything I will help you….because the communists in the world won’t help you…they just want to be told they are great and want your praise without helping you…I can never do this as having been in hospital most of my life I know its better to help than to look for praise.

So to the people trying to pull me down I’m going to use a quote from Nepolone  ” all glory is fleeting but obscurity lasts forever” and to the girl who wanted to take over my blog and thinks I’m a lads mag guy ” let he who is without sin cast the first stone ”

So guys and gals believe in yourself….fight everyday…if they knock you down 9 times get up 10…look in the mirror and say ” you will never beat me and I won’t roll over for anyone” believe with all your heart and….start!!! Whatever your dream….start on it…because do you know what happens when you do nothing….nothing happens”

Mrs pig vomit go to hell and take the kakkal of bitches with you. You ll probably hear from me through out the day  guys and gals as I need all of yer help…

Until tomorrow guys and gals….I love ye all

2 thoughts on “NEVER BACK DOWN….

  1. Sure half the fun of this online lark is pissing people off. Don’t let ’em put you off – you’re on the right track.

    Incidentally, welcome to the smallest group of Irish “bloggers” – those of us that don’t write about lifestyle, fashion, health and all that rubbish!

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