Yet another asshole killing people this time in Munich. This guy was should a fucking gimp that he didn’t even get the metro shut down for even a day….hopefully this will get the message across..NO ONE FEARS YOU…YOUR ATTACKS WILL JUST BE A FOOTNOTE IN THE PAPERS. OUR LIVES ARE NOT RULED BY YOUR FEAR!!! My heart goes out to the families of the killed and injured…lives cut short by yet another brainless tool

You would think that instead of taking  another 1.1 million Muslims  ( of military age) into Europe without vetting, that maybe the E.U. might rethink its policy….wrong!!! In the wake of the Nice attack by that low life shit bag, the E.U. now  want to bring re education in for non Muslims to ” get to know the Muslims ” .It’s all a load of bollox and a waste of money….Muslims are coming to Europe not Europeans going to a Muslim country so why the fuck don’t they fucking learn how to live in Europe!

Can you just picture the class where they tell you ” meet the muslim” and there is a guy standing at the top the class smiling at you with his four wifes ( all dressed in beekeeper suits) and he is telling you sharia law is great. If your wife is raped you kill her, you can sell your children, you can throw gay people off buildings and oh you can’t drink….and yes ye are scum if ye don’t convert to Islam. How long do you think he will last smiling telling you this before the class beat the fuck outa him…and  they would be right to do so because it is just plain racism they are spending….we welcomed them to our countries and yet they seem to be taking a giant shit on us everywhere we go. I ll skip the class if you don’t mind.

I wish the 95% of good Muslims would speak up or throw out the 5% of nutters because the majority of Muslims just want to live they re lives in peace. Islam is a religion of peace until the fruit cakes get involved and twist the teachings. This leads me to Mrs pig vomit who I mentioned during the week…FOR A SMALL FEE SHE WILL ENLIGHTEN YOU ABOUT JESUS…she is no better than the terriosts. Just another person trying to cash in on religion…and of course everyone is stupid if you don’t pay her a fee…what a fucking bitch. This kinda nonsense will just cause hatred to grow…PLEASE JUST STOP…

Now on to a completely different matter…Bob fucking Geldof. Yes sir bob was playing a gig last week where it was great to see the 64 year come out and sing songs from 40 years ago until he started shouting abuse at the crowd about how he and the band had made an effort getting dressed up for the gig and the whole lot of ye ( the crowd who paid €100 each for a ticket) only went out and shoped in primark  (penny’s) and that he and the band were dressed like rock and roll and the crowd weren’t. Guess what Bob and Co wore…a snake patern suit that looked like it was made out of that shit type nylon material  that makes your arse itch ( bet it was made in a sweat shop..nice one bob) and purple fake velvet suits with elastic waist bands cause let’s face it the band are old and fat…Bob you didn’t look rock and roll you looked like a fucking clown. To be honest you should have been in the circus and started juggling or something. Also dude it’s all well and good you feeling young….but most of the crowd weren’t even born when your songs were out and were probably at the gig to see the headline act…which wasn’t you. Rock and roll is about freedom…dress anyway you want and don’t let a clown like sir Bob give you shit just because he can’t cope with getting old and times have changed . It just shows that even with all that money you can still be an asshole.

Speaking of rich assholes yesterday I came across the owner of Topshop and Debenhams…she has an interior design company with some other muppet and guess what they design for..private jets and yachts. They re usual colour scheme is black and white ( seriously why am I not doing that…”black and white is so in this season “..I can say shit like that) a chair costs €20k and a cushion costs €5k. Maybe sir Bob can afford to give em a shout..looks better his fucking suit anyway.

So I ll leave my ranting there…I’m over my hissy  fit from yesterday…If the fucking person who annoyed me yesterday is reading this…buy a playboy magazine it will do you good my dear…

Until tomorrow guys and gals I love you all

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