F@#k Turkey 

Turkey…fuck Turkey!!! If the guy they are blaming for coup really did it…he wants more schools  and women’s rights..the president wants it all to go backwards and make the laws worse. This morning he came out and blamed the E.U. for basically not being nice to Turkey and why we re not begging them to join the E.U. it’s simple you dumb ass…we don’t want ye in the E.U. until Turkey gets its house in order and cuts the shit. Also people a shouting about the innocents killed …yes there was innocents killing in the failed coup ( which really sounds like it was organised by the government…that president really is such a donkey) was done by the ordinary people.Its like they just went bonkers for a day and went killing people…also the majority of the population  want harsher laws too….so fuck Turkey!!!And when all the lefty jump on the band wagon assholes come off they re high horses they will see that Turkey is a value if added to the E.U. but not in its current state…put your house in order and then Europe will be happy to have you join.

So to my main topic this week…my 3rd week in blogging. It’s been a very strange week..a guy told me to ” suck his ball” he then got mad when I asked why he had only one ball and blocked me…I managed to piss off 6 women out of 600 who then went to war with me ( there is nothing more dangerous than an Irish woman with time on her hands) and I also found out who my friends are. So all in all its been a weird week.

My views and reaction to my blog is way better than I had ever hoped for and I thank you so much it shows that the majority of people out there can think for themselves and read my blog and not just the first 4 lines. That’s the problem I ran into with the 6 women..I ll start with Mrs pig vomit…she commented on my post calling me stuff I had to look up and when i thanked her for comments and addressed her issues as best I could she disappeared…it was like ” hang on I didn’t make him mad and his opinions make sense…he isn’t just ranting” she started a bad smear campaign on the groups of Facebook.  I can’t do much about it but I wear it like a badge of honor that I ve pissed her off ( if you remember Mrs pig vomit had a blog about ” for a small fee she will enlighten you about jesus “…as I ve said MY JESUS DON’T NEED A SMALL FEE!!!) She was in America, but then enter the 40 something single irish mothers who have they re kids in camps fir the summer and have time on they re hands.

Dear God I came across 5 of the scariest women ever!! They wanted to tell me what to write, where to put it, change my views …everything. It shocked me that people like this exist ( they re blogs were about..clothes ” how to wear those old shoes “..make up “where to get the best eyeliner for under €5″ ..cooking ” how to make the perfect dinner party” ..lifestyle..” how to look good jogging” and relationships ” how to fake it”) it was horrendous. All they re blogs combined had maybe 5 views and I clicked like on all they re pages and addressed they re issues but this seemed to piss them off more….what a crazy bunch of bitches. They then climbed on an even higher horse than Mrs pig vomit and decided to report me for stuff I didn’t even do ( fuck sake I write enough stuff here to give em enough ammo….I don’t mind being blamed for what did do..but stuff I didn’t is terrible) and this is from irish women. I respect that they write blogs because I know the work that goes in but I didn’t expect it from my fellow country people….luckily I ve a sense of humour 😀

Then I learned bout my close friends..I told Mr I’m a fucking tool, that I had a blog now and he said ” I don’t need a blog as I’m so well known”…this is coming from a muppet who tells people he makes €60k per year busking and he is so talented that the world will come to him ( he also is depressed but is on placebos and its kinda funny that the depression only comes on when work is mentioned) there is many people like him out there…no matter what you do they always don’t need to do it or that’s rubbish or always an excuse…go away fuck off.

But a very close friend got very nasty with me over my blog….basically because I wasn’t on her view line. I don’t want to talk about her because I’m still kinda in shock but I will say that I will never lie down for anyone and I will always stand by views and never will I be be a person who thinks ” can’t we all just love each other” and then stick daisies  up our asses!!!

No I’m going to fight, I’m going to get in your face, I’m going to stand up for anyone who is being put down. I will not write about fucking fashion and fucking lifestyle…I ll leave that to people who want to get 5 min tv time. I came across a quote during the week ” the only way to measure success is to measure what it has cost you”….well it’s cost me high, I ve lost a close friend, discovered that there is nothing more dangerous than an Irish woman with time on her hands and I ve learned that there is people out there who want power over you no matter how they get it

Never lie down, never give in, fight for what you believe in and most of all believe in yourself and don’t let the bastards get you down.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….expect Porta Gregor to step up his game…love you all guys and gals…

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