‘A MAN IN CHAOS ‘ by prisarts

Today my heart is heavy, to the families of people around the world who have lost someone or had someone injured in these new attacks you are at the center of my thoughts and prayers. I don’t have anything funny to say today, there is nothing funny in what’s going shot outside a night club,a guy killing disabled people and now a priest killed in France….what is going on….why??

Vadi Tkachev

It’s like the world has just woken up and gone mad. I ll start with the shooting in Florida. There seems to be no reason!! The maximise the chance of killing the filty piece of shit that did the shooting waited until the kids were exiting the club and fired a semi automatic weapon  into them!!! Why??? Nobody seems to know. Where do scum come up with ideas to do this….there must be a stage that you say to yourself ” this is a stupid idea I’m not going to do it”….but they go through with it….I can’t get my head around that.

Now to Japan. To kill and injure disabled people with a knife ….what the fuck is going on. I don’t care about people  saying he has mental problems ( no shit he had mental problems….but not in the way he claiming…he is a fucked up asshole) to kill people with a knife you have to be up close and personal. Think about it ( I’m sorry to the families of those involved but I need to say this) to kill someone with a knife you have got to be right in front of them, repeat stabbing and see the pain in they re eyes….how in a modern world have we become so discusting. Then this miserable piece of shit says ” he wanted to get rid of the disabled out of this world”… .I hope you rot in hell you piece of filth . Where are we heading.

Untitled Oil on Canvas 2013 by KwangHo Shin
Now to France. YOU DO NOT KILL A PRIEST !!!. There is no exceptions. Then to try and take hostages within a church….terriosts have hit a new low. But there is an up side here, all Christians around the world will unite  in the hatred of Islam and we didn’t do it…they did. Finally I hope the Pope will shut up about loving Muslim and I’m calling for the 95% of Muslims who are not terriosts to condem this attack. ISIS have just claimed the attack….if Muslims do not condem this attack you will know that all of Islam hates Christians. If they proclaim peace and love…let’s see if they mean it. Clock is ticking.
All these attacks come at a shocking time. Putin in Russia has been trying to get round table talks going between Russia, Europe, America and Asia about the worsening military build ups along Russian boarders for almost a month but the west won’t listen. I ll bet that you have heard nothing in the media about American military build ups in Europe and the close proximity of western and eastern naval ships in the seas of the world that the sightest accident could set off a war. Now you have this attack in France….what happens when the middle east gets involved….it’s game over…war.

‘Beautiful chaos’ by lara zombie 

I don’t have words for the horror that is going on, to kill kids, kill disabled people, kill a priest…where does it come from? There must be a stage that these people say to themselves “Hey this is wrong”….but they don’t seem to. The world is gone mad about pokemon….but pokemon isn’t going to save us. But what will??? The people committing these horrific acts are adults, they have minds of they re own….but when did we become so stupid and in human. I can’t write any more ….Im disgusted to be human today.

‘See no evil’ by Zelkats

Until tomorrow guys and gals….this is a saddened Porta Gregor signing off

Love you all guys and gals 

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