Lindsay Lohan is dead, Long live Lindsay Lohan!!!

With the horrific crimes committed by Muslims and just plain pieces of filth around the world yesterday…I’m going to try and lighten the mood a little with a look at other things going on world wide.

The Team Hilary meeting is still and the really  big news  from it is….not Bernie coming out and forgetting who Hillary was and had to say ” I’m with….ah ..her”…in other words he should have said “im with yer one…the crazy heifer…ah what ever the fuck her name is”….it’s not Mrs Obama  ( or is it Mr cause ” I thought I saw a cock…I did I did see a cock”) …nor was it Susan Sarandon sweating bullets in the crowd or the fact no Hillary supporters can be found at all anywhere….the big news from the convention is ….Bill has not raped anything in 3 days!!!!

Can you believe it, Bill Clinton the worlds most sex crazed nut job has not raped anything in 3 days!!! I should word it as he hasn’t been caught raping anything …but this is getting serious. Bill must seriously be going for the first lady position….wonder will Monica be rehired 

Then we have Lindsay Lohan who started screaming ” he is killing me ….get out of my house” . One of the neighbours called the police because of the noise because let’s face it who gives a shit bout Lindsay Lohan  screaming ….so the police arrive and of course there is nothing wrong.What she was  on about was her filty rich Russian boyfriend was killing her and she was trying to throw him out….except he left long before her shouting and left quietly. She also said she saw him with a prostitute but then realised she was looking in the mirror with him and it was just her. She has come out today and said sorry to her fan ( i think she has one…the rest of us just laugh at her).It also dawned on her ” hang on I’m a loser and without yer man I’m fucked” That’s why I say long live Lindsay Lohan because she is so bat shit crazy it’s cool.

Also the Galway races are on at the moment here in Ireland. Yes it’s that time of the year when big strong country girls with snap your neck tights and shoulders like a prop forwards put a dress and stupid hat on and we re all suppose to say they look lovely….when in fact look ridiculous and they re just rich assholes or should I say they are rich assholes wives. I did see one woman in the paper yesterday that I’m convinced was a horse. Who won what at the races….who cares…its horse racing and has to be one of the worst sports in the world. I did hear a rumour that jockeys are really hobbits and since Frodo got rid of the ring they re all unemployed…..I will investigate farther 

I hope all of the the stupidness of the world has lightened your heart a little from the horrors of yesterday…..I can’t get over how filty Muslims have sank…whatever little bit of simpity I had for they re plights around the world…I now don’t give a fuck…you will not take our freedom….if you want it fuckos…..come and take it

Until tomorrow guys and gals….send C.V. to Bill if your looking for a job…must have good knees….

Love you all guys and gals….

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