Before I start today I have to say respect  to the Muslim community in Normandy for not allowing that son of bitch terrorist to be buried there. It goes to show you that not all Muslims are bad but the few are painting the many. It was a horrific attack in Normandy and that poor old priest did not deserve to be killed by two fuck muppets who’s names we already have forgotten.  I hope that these terrorists get the message the world dont remember your names nor give a fuck about ye….ye are scum….and yer 70 virgins are dudes ….suck on that lads

Nothing annoys me more than the people coming out with how depressed they were and how much mental issues the had…..but of course no one knew ….until the book came out or it was said on TV.  If any one is even thinking about getting on they re high horse and saying who the fuck am I to say this….fuck you…I ve so many god dam fatal illnesses that it would take over the full blog to cover…yes I have to take anti depressants and anti anxiety  medication. …you wanna know why…..GO KISS MY ASS THAT’S WHY. My life does not revolve around it and I don’t let it be the way I introduce myself ” hi I’m porta. .I m mad.. whats your issue”  ….so fuck any one who think I don’t have the right to talk about this because I ve earned it.

I ll start with celebrities. One guy brought a book out here in Ireland and is now the face of depression issues in Ireland. ….but of course no one knew or noticed anything till the book and he is fine now…The real problem is he sucked as a singer and needed the money. Next a well known international celebrity  ( I’m deliberately  not naming these people because they ll sue the arse off me) came out yesterday saying how depressed and down she is being a multi millionaire and international acting celebrity and being married to an even richer guy. ….fuck that much be tough. Now I ll get on to sport stars who say the depression they suffer for fuck know what reason but are fine now that they re at a known level or the depression they went through coming out of the closet. ….who gives a fuck who you sleep with ….you’re a sports star so people want to know can you score in sport not who you score with on a Saturday night you fuckers. 

This is causing a very  worrying  problem. I know a lot of people with real mental issues and real depression but can’t get access to help because the system is clogged up with the wanna bes. I know of 3 people who claim to have mental issues and depression but don’t.  One is on placebos another just pretends to be down  because he thinks it suits his music image and then there is the worse one… The guy who wants to get classed as having a mental disability so he can get disabled allowance and drugs…He is just lazy. These people are tieing up the medical system and then the people who have real issues ain’t getting the help. How many times have you read in court cases “by reason temporary insanity ” but is fine now in order to get off with things. It all stems from the celebrities who claim this depression and mental issues without realising they re position and the influence they have over people. It seems now to be uncool not to have some form of issue if you are a musician or actor…..that filters down to the muppets like the three I mentioned above. They write it on they re face book on they re twitter on they re where ever the fuck and then tie up the medical system with nusence complaints and the real people who have real problems are suffering because it. I ve run into it myself, medication is now very tightly monitored than its even had for me to get anti depressants or anti anxiety  or pain medication because so many where given it wrongly because they did nt need them but wanted the mantel of “mental issues” around them.

These so called celebrities and wanna be assholes are fucking up the system. Yes of course there might be some of these celebrities that is truly depressed be I believe the majority not to have anything more wrong than they re bank balance. As for the wanna bes, ye are fucking the system up and people who have real problems can’t get help….fuck sake can you not see that. It’s no picnic having any form of issues medical or other wise but the moment I hear it become the first thing you start a conversation with I stop believing you. Having been sick all my life and know people with other life long issues they don’t talk about it the moment they meet you…..They talk about it with they re family and friends and don’t let it be the defining thing of they re life. So FUCK ALL YOU CELEBRITY GIMPS AND WANNA BE ASSHOLE. …WE SEE THROUGH YOU!!!!!

I’m going to have some amount of backlash from the above but….fuck it it needed to be said.  So I ll get to world news. There seems to have been another shooting America. …Austin  Texas but reports are pretty unclear at time of posting so I ll deal with it tomorrow in detail. The bat shit crazy Clinton’s ( now there is a family of mental cases but in a bad way) had none other than miss tool bag herself Katy Perry sing at the after party of the DNC. It’s beyond a joke now guys and gals she could get to the white house (Hilary not Katy Perry. …..well unless wild Bill has his way with her) Trump has had his emails hacked be they were just personal stuff not like hilary who had 30000 emails of national security hacked or “deleted” ……personally I hope it’s Russia doing it because they seem to be the only country fighting against gobalism and ISIS.  There is still a massive military  build up between east  and West going on be the main stream media seem to think it better to cover Taylor Swift or some such loser instead of real news. In irish news we finally convicted people on the the collapse of Anglo irish bank ( basically the guys who fucked up the country) and they got sentenced to…..wait for for it…Two and a half years!!! ….that’s nothing for the lives that they ruined. I just hope that there is people waiting for them on the inside to make that two and a half years seem like a lifetime.  My home town is never far from the headlines in Ireland (it’s nick name is el paso so that should give you some idea) but the only elected official to be convicted of cruption is from here and he tried to get his conviction over turned so there he is looking smug with his girlfriend ( who I’m convinced is a few cans short of a six pack….not metal issues….just stupid) and the judge basically said ” hey yo mofo. …fuck off…and don’t make me tell you twice” . At least the justice system has worked at least once in Ireland.  In sport some soccer team paid another  soccer team €100million for a dude…..wtf….He could be on for 5 min and get injured. ..its fucking stupid money. Ah sport is gone to nothing be money now and honestly it pretty much ruins it. Conor mac gregor is still shiteing  on about something or other but who gives a fuck any more. That’s about it really.

So if I ve insulted  you today after you read this…..good….maybe you ll now see the growing problem of celebrities pushing issues on people and making weak willed wanna be stars pretend they have problems to be like they celebrity idols and fuck up the medical system and then take  the help away from those who need it.

Until tomorrow guys and gals. ….remember the first sign of maddness is hairy palms  and the second is checking….

Love you all guys and gals……

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