In serious important news ….Sophie Turner goes blonde ( ok i cant find a picture), but if your one of the people who thinks Sophie aint sexy…then you could well be gay ( what you do with your ass is your business ….im just saying) Cara Delevingne is covered some kinda of weird red spot kinda things ( again I can’t find the pic but here is one of her being an asshole….oh wait she’s always an asshole)

And last but not least…..the yoke from Geordie shore plans to fuck the thing from Townie ( whatever that is) on the celebrity big brother show in order not to be voted off. If anyone can make sense outa that let me know because I ve never seen an episode of big brother and I thought you had to be gay to watch it or be in it or something….I know gay comes in somewhere….( oh I don’t have a pic of the yoke or the thing…cause let’s face it i would nt know them if I was pissing on them.

Now that the important news is delth with …I ll push on with a burning issues…that pokemon nonsense!!!. While out walking yesterday I came across an American tourist in his mid 30s. He had the denim shorts on and socks and sandals….but that’s not the worst bit…he had a pokemon t-shirt and pokemon bag pack on..and was staring at his mobile phone. So picture this he is walking towards me with his head down and I’m doing my best to avoid him because I can see by the head on him.. that well he is going to be a tool and I might have to talk to him. But fuck it…he banged into me and says “sorry man I was looking for ?? ( some type of pokemon thing)…I said “good man ” and tried my best get away before he wrecks my head with pokemon talk ( wtf is a pokemon) ” do u play” he asked me which I replied “no sorry I thought it was a kids game”….he looks at me in a mix of shock and anger ” no its for everyone….I love it”

I could let it go.I mean here is chief asshole… the king of all assholes…so I decided to push his buttons a bit. ” honestly your the first adult I ve met that has an interest in pokemon “. This just seem to insult him more, ” it’s for everyone and it’s haters like you that try to take it away from adults….why should kids have all the fun and it’s a great way to meet people”. I looked up and down the walk way and for a mile in either direction it was just the two of us. ” so you think mapping the world for Google while looking for what ever a pokemon is ….is fun ya?” He said of course as he kinda got angrier. I started to smile ” dude my Idea of fun is going out meeting a hot beautiful interesting intelligent girl and talking to her…. then later on in the night trying my level best to convince this beautiful girl to come home with me to my little bed for mucho mucho sex….do you get much mucho mucho sex playing with your pokemon? “… he then went completely red as he looked at my grinning face…” fuck u pal….I ve been with plenty of women from pokemon ” seriously I asked…” well no….but I’m so sick of privileged white guys like you saying pokemon is for kids….ur a hater”

He then stormed off as fast as his cool jesus sandals would carry him. I was just standing there wondering which was worse…a white guy calling me a privileged white guy ( he is on holidays…I can’t afford a holiday) or the fact he called me a hater because I know nothing about pokemon. But then it dawned on me what was the worse bit….the chief asshole would rather stare at his phone than have mucho mucho sex!!!! I don’t care what your sexual tastes are but meeting people and having fun with people seems to be dead ….at this rate we ll breed ourselves out in a few generations ( looking at yer man I can only say it’s a good thing….who goes on holiday to look for pokemon!!!) So as chief asshole disappeared in the distance…..I rang the girl who handcuffed me to the bed and mucho mucho sex was had.

So I ve run out of time I guess, I ll get back to the elections, Pope and the world tomorrow…..pokemon almost ruined my night….amost😎

Until tomorrow guys and gals…..stay away from cara delevingne fuck knows where she’s been..

Love you all guys and gals….

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