I’m tired….

I’m tired. Tired of seeing what’s happening world wide and then watching the world turn to celebrity crap. So I ll get the celebrity crap out a the way first. Cara delevingne 

She’s starting to grow on me a bit . Till she said she’s been caught shagging on planes. I thought pretty much nothing of this till I read more….she was shagging  ( probably herself) in the seat and complained to the staff that a guy was watching them….it’s a fucking plane and your shagging in the seat….of course someone will watch…i would.

Kanye west, Keith Richards, Gwen what’s her name..and bunch of other rich gimps pay a woman to bite them on the ass!! Why??? Fuck knows…..but she’s making a fortune doing it. ” how much for you to bite my ass”….I feel stupid just saying it.

Ozzzy can write a song I ll give him that but it looks like Sharon threw him out. He has admitted he has a sex addtiticion and has had a string of affairs on Sharon….do you know what I don’t give a shit. I m getting on to what I’m tired of


Yesterday in Iran they hung a 19 year old kid for being gay!!!! No trial no defence…just locked  him up and then hung him. This shit ain’t right!! And you wonder why I come down so hard on Hilary….even if you look beyond all her other crimes….she takes money from countries that back this shit. She is no better than them and also experts seem to think she has brain damage.

In India a woman was dragged from a car and gang raped. Police were called….but did nt come!!. Can you picture that…what if you rang the police and the didn’t come!!!!  It’s a massive on going problem India…women being gang raped and being filmed and then the films sold in shops!!! But did you read about this in your paper or TV….no because the world would rather hear about cara delevingne shagging on a plane.

I can’t write any more

Until tomorrow guys and gals….please open your mind 

Love you all guys and gals 

2 thoughts on “I’m tired….

  1. It’s a shame that *human drones can walk around in their little bubbles and not even care what is going on in the world. Thank you and I loved this article. I will share.


    1. Thank you so much….Im tackling cyber bellies for people who are afraid too and there is so much news that I get daily that I can’t report on….simply because it’s so bad that no one believes it. They would much rather heard about cara delevingne…it drives me mad.
      Thank you so much


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