There is some pretty serious stuff going on in the world at the moment ….which I ll get to in a bit …but first  ( I’m sorry) I gotta deal with this clown Katy Price ( Jordan) 

Remember the days when Jordan was hot and come on admit it all us guys made an auld extended trip to the bathroom armed only with a sock and her latest shoot….well she looks as rough as fuck now. I ll come back to that….but she got pissed off her face in Magaluf yesterday, ran you on stage grabbed  the mic and tried to sing…when that didn’t work she started mocking her disabled son in a vein attempt to make people laugh…but they booed her off stage. What kinda bitch does that.She also has a new show on tv about dogshit or something  ( what level do these people drop too just to stay in the papers) Oh she got her old worn out auld titties out on Instagram for 5 min yesterday….but here’s the scary shit this is what she looks like now.

Fuck that …. if any man, woman or beast woke up next to that they d want to be ashamed of themselves…20 pints of Guinness is no excuse!!!. Quick here’s more pics of Sahara Grey 

Now to important stuff….a 45 year old guy shot a 60 year old guy in a bar in Cleveland yesterday because he said ” Trump would make a good president “….He fucking shot him….wtf!!! In team Hilary…the health issues ain’t going away.

This Hilary being helped up a stairs yesterday!!! I’m not going to knock her on health grounds because I have very poor health….but this woman could be the next president.She had a blood clot in 2012…a fall in 2011…another fall in 2009 breaking her elbow and she fell again this year….this comes after questions asked bout her mental state….this is getting serious guys and gals . Still on health issues …Zika

This is a dude spraying shit to kill Zika mosquitos in a trendy place in Miami called Wynwood…..the place is like a ghost town when usually it’s packed at this time of year. Also the first case of home grown Zika infection in the USA has come in Palm Beach Florida. It’s starting….it’s  speading guys and gals …how long before this

Becomes this.. 

In Europe….there has been a massive build up of Russian tanks in the Ukraine. Why ….fuck knows…but I think it has to do with Turkey. Turkey is part of NATO ( but do nothing except take money from NATO) so I think Russia is trying to say ” Hey Turkey….fuck you…we kicked ISIS  ass while ye were playing with yer balls taking American money….oh and we nearly forgot…you suck”

Turkey want into Europe….nobody wants Turkey in its current form in Europe except Turkey and the Obama clowns ( soon to be Hilary clowns) so why not give a show of strength by Russia. I say fair play to Russia…if you fuck with us …we ll fuck you up!!! That’s what should be done to these next guys.

There was the most discusting attack in Pakistani yesterday. A filty coward blew himself up outside a hospital …killing 70 and injuring almost double that. The crowd was there to greve for a lawyer who was shot dead on his way to court. You simply don’t do this!!! It’s very easy to kill people when they re not armed and don’t know you coming. Whoever claims this attack i hope that some nation deals with you….or better yet the families  of yer victims find you….this is nothing more that a cowards attack. A fool blowing himself up and his bosses laughing ” there is always a fool to strap a bomb too”. My heart and prayers are with the injured and families of those who were killed….on behalf of the world I apologise as with all the intelligence and computer spying that we have, why didn’t someone somewhere know that these clowns were planning this.

All the above has made me sad , I usually look at pictures of my future ex wife Alison Harvard when I’m sad to cheer me up..might cheer everyone up…oh and I’m thinking of having a good big bad mid life crisis and buying a motorbike

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….find a new sock and something better than Jordan to use it for…nice bike ain’t it.

Love you all guys and gals 

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