As I feel like complete crap today I’m going talk about mysef and this blog. Since I started doing this Ive discovered alot of people ain’t what they say they are. When I first started calling out cyber bullies….some of them were in shock, it was like ” how dare you ….I’m entitled to ruin someone’s life” ….your not!!!. Alot of the time it’s words hurt way more than getting the crap kicked out of you and I ve called out over 200 and got them to stop they re bullying….it just has to be done. 

Then I come to the feminists. They get offended at the sightest little thing and come out shouting and roaring bout nonsense but when it comes to true issues like the violence against women they change they re colours and become PC and say “oh it’s part of they culture….but you re still a bastard porta for say a girl is sexy”. Well I say this fuck any assholes culture who beats a woman like this for just looking good.

And does this

I wonder do Muslims believe in aliens….because you never hear of them being abducted by aliens, it’s bad sign when the aliens won’t even take them. Just picture the alien ship

” captain I see a group of people to abduct and experiment on” 

” gimme a look number one” says the captain 

” ah fuck that…not them fuckers …if the don’t blow up the ship, they ll enjoy the experience ….where the fuck  are we  anyway number one”

” Syria captain ”

” ah for fuck sake did you take that left again.number one …take us to America….im not picking up these fuckers”

So off to America they fly…and talk to the most abducted group on the planet…BLACK LIVES MATTERS..

These guys are fucking clowns. Beating up white people because they white, wanting money for nothing and burning down they re own houses….nice one guys clever going….ah I’m sick of muppets this morning. So here is a collection of some pictures from the blog

So until tomorrow guys and gals…be true to yourself and love yourself 

Love you all guys and gals….

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