Britney Spears gets toxic with a tool!!!

Today I am just angry. I ll get to  why in a bit but first I got to deal with these clowns. Britney spears is hot I don’t care what anyone says,  she is hot….unfortunately James Corden isn’t  ( didn’t he has sex with Frodo in lord of the rings….must look that up). Well he does some kinda show in America and on this show he picks up celebrities like they were hookers waiting for a John and then they sing a song….why…fuck knows…I ve never seen it.( I’m sure he had sex with Frodo on the journey). Well he picked up Britney and they sang “toxic” why that is news I have no idea…but millions wanna know and millions watch his fucking show !! Oh I ve just been informed he didn’t shag Frodo…who did shag Frodo then..I’m sure someone did….or did I see different film…

Never fear guys and gals I ve loads of sexy pics of Britney  later. Now to why I’m angry…

I layed off Hillary for a while because I thought that instead of her just being bat shit crazy…..she was mentally ill…but it turns out she is both. She went on Jimmy kimmle’s show ( who….fuck knows…some gimp like James Corden I  think) while there he asked her about her health and she made a big joke bout him taking her pulse then he gave her a jar of pickles to open. Thing is she twisted the jar and made a big deal bout opening and joke then the cover came off….except no pop noise like there is with any jar of olives, tomatoes, pickles….etc. The fucking lid just came off no pop and her mic was right next to it to hear the pop if it was there……in other words the jar was already open!!!

You might think this is a small thing for TV but if she willing to lie about something so small just think what else the auld bitch is lying about. It was found in her own emails that she asked to go on parkinsons medication….spent a year in a hospital that deals solely with head surgery  ( but of course the records are sealed) …how many times do people need to be shown that she is both mentally ill and bat shit crazy….Google have said they have covered over the search engine for dead bodies connected to the Clinton’s…the media have admitted that polls are doctored to make it look like she is winning….it’s just crazy….but here is what really makes me angry…

This is the gaza strip. They have they re own state….but hamas keep firing katyusha rockets at Isreal and then complains they have no money to build houses or Wells……but a fucking katyusha rocket costs $100k….they ve loads of money for rockets but not to help they re own people.

Now when hear of a rocket being fired at Isreal you think of a little thing off a gimps  shoulder ya….but look at the fucking size of the thing that’s a katyusha rocket next to the gimp above…it’s huge. Then all these pc pricks come out and condem Isreal for firing back at these assholes….well I’m going to say it…fuck gaza….till they get they re house in order…fuck em. They hide these rockets in schools and hospitals….public places…while you are feeling sorry for hamas check out this asshole

This gimp….he tried to behead a guy at random in Virginia usa!!! Here’s the knife he used

I’ll go into all this and president of eu calling for open boarders  and more I ve just run outa time today

So until tomorrow guys and gals….remember don’t your blog the night before so don’t end up under pressure 

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s Britney 

She is so HOTTTTT!!!

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