Casper ain’t to smart and loses Jennifer Lopez….what an idiot!!!

Who the hell is Casper Smart!!! I only just heard of this guy. Jennifer Lopez was dating this tool for 5 years. Who cares I hear you ask well I don’t but I have to laugh at this Casper asshole.

Jenny is ment to have dumped him because he decided to go out with the lads instead of going to some charity ball thing with her. What an asshole …..I mean he is dating Jenny lopez…..that would be Jennifer Lopez with the great ass and who looks amazing and is loaded. Casper I found out used to be a back up dancer for her….in other words he threw shapes  at the back of the stage like a gimp on speed  but then Jenny took a shine  to him and he became her number one handbag holder and he managed to fuck that up…..Jenny I’m single and have no friends and Im fucking great at holding a handbag….and the keys to a porsche that you ll get me …please…thanks. 

In the UK so called celebrity crap….Mark Wright  ( fuck knows who he is) but his wife is hot ….Michelle Keegan 

Ah to be honest I don’t care what yer man is doing I just wanted to put a picture of Michelle keegan up. So to stuff I didn’t get to yesterday..

Wasil farooqui…this idiot decided to try and behead a guy in Virginia USA!!! I mean this is nuts he destroyed the guy with cuts to his chest and arms from this knife…

….wtf!!! He picked out the guy at random and tried to behead him….why….honestly I don’t know. He seems to have thought it was a good idea I guess and is terrorist related…I hope they give this fucker life or put him down. Now I get to the Black Lives Matter clowns. This is so funny…..the sister of the guy who got shot said ” stop burning down black neighbourhoods in milwaukee and go burn down the  white suburbs”…..except one problem…the leader of Black Lives Matter  lives in the white suburbs of Milwaukee…nice going guys ….you really are a bunch of geniuses . Here they are having a nice peaceful protest…idiots

Above is Jean Claude Junkers and he is the current EU president. This fucking yo-yo has said that there should be no boarders and everywhere open….but of course under his control. I’m going to give you an example of why this is a bad idea Jean Claude…..if you get rid of all the boarders and we ve no countries left..that means I can come into your house Jean Claude and take a shit in your kitchen sink….fair is fair ….you ll never take our boarders you asshole….go have sex with George Soros …the two of you would make a nice couple ( there is not enough space in every blog in the world to write about George Soros so you ll need to look him up yourself)

This is really worrying ….the USS NITZE has been harassed by boats from this secret group within the Iranian armed forces ( think nazi ss). This has been going on for a few days. All it that takes is one of this ships to make a mistake and suddenly there is another war in the middle east. How many times have we seen this before. I hope Iran back off because there is so much other shit to sort out in the middle east rather than more boots on the ground for another war that can be avoided…let no more mothers have to see they re children in bodybags for no good reason..please let sense prevail.Now on to cyber bullies….

I deal with cyber bullies daily for other people because I heard a story from the USA about a girl who killed herself from the shit she got from cyber bullies ( all of whom were from her home town and went to school with her and guess what happened to them…nothing). I help those who for whatever reason can’t help themselves…I don’t do it for fame or any of that bullshit and I will never name anyone I ve helped….I do it because it’s right and if not I then who. But last night I got one myself from a real nasty bitch….she told me to kill myself and hoped I died really soon all because I said no to buying something from her…there was no deal arranged and no agreement…the abused just came out of the blue. I won’t kill myself bitch by the way….but please people never say that to anyone because the person may just do it. Don’t be so fucking stupid to think that it’s only a joke….if you re the kinda person that says this stuff and thinks ” it ll really get to the them” and you then think you re cool ….well you re not…your a fucking loser. Also you may come across my desk…..then your fucked. So think before you text

So until tomorrow guys and gals….don’t be a Casper Smart and if Jenny passes you the handbag hold it…and the keys to the porsche….

Love you all guys and gals..

( here’s j lo)

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