Kylie Jenner in a berkini!!!!!

Ah well ok I’m lying….but let’s start with berkini’s before we get to Kylie Jenner  (  whoever  she is). So this berkini nonsense…it just looks like a fecking tracksuit…so what’s the big deal…well there isn’t one..Until the crazies start shouting about women’s rights. I personally don’t give a fuck if you wear a 3 piece suite into the water….it’s your business. But now we ve got male Muslims saying that it’s a womans  right to wear the berkini  thing ( and it is) except these Muslim males are the same guys who have women killed for being raped….the fucking nut job Islamic extremists. It’s just press time and TV coverage for them as they don’t give a fuck about women’s rights …and the world has walked  right into the trap.

With France clamping down on this berkini nonsense it’s just giving fuel to the nutters and with Sarkozy now coming out and saying to ban all forms of religious display on beaches….does that mean a nun can’t walk on the beaches of France !!! It’s a can of worms that he shouldn’t open.

With statements like that it gives clowns like the mayor of London the reason he needs to ban bikinis in London..why that fucking idiot in London  ( one of the most diverse cities in the world) can’t be a mayor to all is beyond me. 

This berkini thing was invented in Australia of all places and well done to person who invented it….it sells. Now all this nonsense of who can wear what at the beach just makes more money for the inventer and gives the Islamic extremists a soap box. In another burning question….why the fuck is Nigella Lawson  wearing on????

So we come to Kylie Jenner.  Who the fuck is Kylie Jenner….the only Jenner I ve heard of is the dude who got his lad chopped off and became a woman ( he/she is going bald now) so guessing she is something to him/ her …ah fuck it whatever. Well she is all over the net with questions of did she get a boob job…who gives a fuck…there is so much else going on in the world and this is what is making headlines. A boob job!! But hey who don’t like a great pair tits …and this girl has em.

This is Kylie Jenner….she has a great rack…real or fake…I like it…and ll good with girly,could you picture this girl being forced into a berkini…I can’t and it would be a shame to hide this beautiful girl. More pics of Kylie Jenner at the end.

So we come to bat shit crazy Hilary. Of all the low campaign cards to play she comes up with an advert of Trump being supported by the KKK. It’s just pure bullshit. When you can’t find something to shout about out comes the ‘ your a racist card’ but it’s backfiring on Hilary…

This guy has given her $20k in funding

Here she is  hugging the high wizard dragon/batman or whatever of the KKK.

If you live in a glasshouse don’t throw stones. The response from Trump was brilliant …nothing. America and the world are waking up to this wacko Hilary. More and more each day turn against her.

In seriously worrying news two US navy ships have had to fire warning shots at quick moving Iranian navy boats. 

Above is the USS NITZE. she and a sister ship have been harnessed in international waters by Iranian navy boats.

I know looking at the two types of boats/ships you will think what damage could the small boats do….well alot. Fast attack boats have been used since world war 2….they get in close proximity to large ships and can basically blow them up via mines or torpedoes. This may seem like handbag stuff at sea but it’s getting too close for comfort. Once navy’s get too close together an accident can seem like an attack. I hope this situation cools down….as I said the mildest does not need this.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…remember cutting your Willy off does not stop baldness….

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s Kylie Jenner…you decide if she has had a boob job because I don’t care.

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