West for the burning man but a blonde kardashian sends me north.

Ah I ll get to the serious stuff first before a sexy kim. In North Korea that total and utter gimp of a leader has said he now has launch a missile that can hit main land USA. Why the hell would you want to tell the world that….this guy is a total and utter tool.. 

Here is the missile being fired from a submarine….which I have no idea how he affords because the whole country is starving.

If there was a Nobel prize for biggest asshole on the planet….every leader of North Korea would have it till the end of time.

In Argentina a bunch of students decided to dress up as nazi’s and beat up Jewish students. I thought we were beyond this…it shows that hate is still alive and well. Argentina was a hide away for nazi criminals after the war and this attack happened in the most infamous town in Argentina for hiding nazi’s…barilache.  this was once home to Dr mengle  ( auswitz angel of death). This nazi shit happened in a night club and the bouncers did nothing till the cops showed up.

How stupid are these kids….HITLER was a rent boy who took it up the ass for cash and then when he became famous he used to get women to piss on him….great role model guys …well done you fucking clowns. I hope they treat you nice in prison.

So to the burning man festival. What used to be an expression of art and freedom is now no more than a sell out. $10k tents…private chiefs….rich areas….it’s now just a sell out.

Obama once went there but won’t allow his daughter go because of the sexual freedom that happens there and let’s face it loads of guys would love to give the presidents daughter one and keep her knickers as a souvenir  ( not that I ever did that….moving on ). The burning man is where you went to lose your mind for a week …wear a mask and be whatever the hell you wanted to be…but now you gotta be rich…..

…..good looking….

And then pretend to mix with the ordinary people who go for the art. Then of course these rich assholes go home and talk about the experience of roughing it…..it’s just another festival taken over by rich people…I hate it.

So finally to Kimmy.  She’s blonde again…who cares…

But the funny thing is she was going to Kanye west’s art exhibition. I ll repeat that Kanye west’s art exhibition!!! When I first read about this I honestly thought he stuck a crayon up his ass and drew something on paper…..but it’s worse than that…

He had naked people in a bed ( how do you buy that art piece…do you pay them to sit in you re living room or something) and the king of all tools Kanye  was on repeat on TV screens as you walked around the gallery, that’s the worst fucking nightmare I can think of..trapped with Kanye west on repeat….

So to kim….blonde kim…..sexy blonde kim kardashian…..would I….of course I’d rattle her!!! I know half the world has been there before me …..but could be worse the whole world could have been there before me…she always sends mine north anyway…you have to look at it from all angles guys and gals. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….don’t launch any missiles at anyone because they ll think it’s north korea 

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s Kimmy…..

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