Tupac ain’t giving no california love to Chris Brown. 

Ah Chris Brown ….what can you say about this guy, when he is not off beating up women he is being arrested and throwing drugs and shit out the window. To be honest Chris Brown is just a scumbag. Remember when he did this to Rihanna.

So he getting arrested for threatening another woman with a gun ( i think he took a selfie) ain’t really a surprise. But what is a surprise is Tupac is still alive …well I think so….loads of dumb ass celebs claim to have seen him. Here he is with Rihanna 

So he was just off having the cric for 20 years. Again here I could nt give a shit why he is alive or who or what just as long as he don’t bring back this look

This look means that in prison you were gay and you pulled your jeans down so other prisoners could get at you.most famous rappers have been in jail at one time or another….but they most certainly not gay. Back to that later. Here is a few more celebrities who were ment to have died but unfortunately are still with us 

Macaulay culkin 

He looks dead….him and Bill Clinton are living proof of life after death 

Paul mccartney 

I fucking hate wings….of all shit bands…wings I hate the most. He is ment to have died in 1966 and 2012. This tool will be around forever. Oh I just realised I hate the fucking Beatles too


Now I will admit when I saw these photos I thought ” Hey cher was hot in her day” but when was cher ‘s fucking day….she is another zombie. 2012 Kimmy kardashian thought cher was dead. Oh here is what she looks like now guys and gals…she’s about 100

Jackie chan 

Ah fuck Jackie chan….

Emma Watson 

I must admit I ve a bit of a thing for Emma Watson….who wouldn’t….” call me Harry call me harry”…she is ment to have died in 2009….but still here and looking good too.

Paris Hinton

Ah yes everyone’s favourite slapper….she has seen more willies  than a gay bar at midnight. She was ment to have been stabbed to death in prison in 2007. I would sleep with her….I wouldn’t be proud of it and I may well wear a condom over my head too…but I would….Here’s why

Justin Bieber 

If only it were true but sadly he is still with us

Chris brown 

This motherfucker  crops up everywhere…he is ment to have died in 2012 bout 2 weeks after beiber but trust me he is alive and well and hopefully going to prison .

Lil wayne 

What can I say but…..asshole.

Ah this brings me to the list of rap artists who most certainly are not gay….in any shape or form and how dare you for thinking such thing. These are bad ass guys who will pop a cap in you’re ass for suggesting they are gay. How dare you!!! Check out the photos at the end as proof they not gay….remember ” not gay”

So until tomorrow guys and gals…careful Chris Brown is out on bail…

Love you all guys and gals 

Remember not gay…

All ” not gay”….

2 thoughts on “Tupac ain’t giving no california love to Chris Brown. 

  1. Your a low life mf! Phahahaaaa you coming for people worth your whole damn life..: get the fuck outta here n get to sipin yo English tea… you spoilt lil British scumbagggg💀


    1. How stupid are u… im irish not brithish !!!! I think what has u so angry is that u just realised all you re favourite rap stars take it up the butt….such is life. Thanks for the comment


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