Money to burn, not at the burning man you don’t. 

Before I get to the headline I ve gotta ask this, if you become a celebrity is it a prerequisite that you have to be a tool? Take Tom Hiddleston for instance. ….The guy is a great actor, one of the best to come along in long time but every time he dates a girl he treats them like show horses. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Taylor Swift,  I think she is a very beautiful woman and she pulls off being the pop princess  really well and has made millions from doing it so I respect her for that, but she is pretty annoying.  So she starts dating Tom Hiddleston and he throws on a t shirt with “I love TS” on it , it was cute and funny and all that bollox for about a second and he should have left it at that….but no. He has to be photographed everywhere he goes with her and it’s like he is trying to say “mine”!! Tom, no man every owns a woman and I think you ve fallen for the idea of Taylor Swift and not the girl herself, treat her with some respect and maybe then people will stop laughing at you. I don’t know the real Taylor Swift. …she could be a right bitch or she could be one of the nicest people ever….All I know of her is idea of Taylor Swift,  her public face…..what I’m trying to say (badly) is, she is still a person and you fall in love with the person not the idea of them….example: do you think Katie Holmes would have married Tom Cruise if she knew what kinda fucking lunatic he was….I think not but she had the idea of Tom Cruise built up from what she saw in the movies. So here’s advice from Porta Gregor. …..Tom Hiddleston go get a fucking life!!!!

So back to the headline, if you read last week I complained that  the Burning Man festival had just been turned into a rich assholes retreat with closed tents for food and $10K a day tents for the rich, well someone must have listened because the real people attending this year’s Burning Man showed that the power of art and freedom will always conquer money.The Burning Man is about freedom….its about everyone being equal,  weather your a billionaire or broke you leave it all at the gate and you just be who you are as a person…but the rich had other ideas. Closed tent, no one could get to close to the “celebrities ” well you just been handed a prime “fuck you” by the real people and I support it. Last night enough was called and this bullshit of closed tent was ripped down and closed down by the ordinary people who basically said ” freedom is worth more than money” …..well down guys and gals, I hope next year that these rich assholes can check they re egos at the gate and just blend in with everyone else…..The idea of the Burning Man in the first place. With a bit of luck the same idea might catch on here with the “ELECTRIC PICNIC ” …..its now just a them and us kinda thing where you can look at  so called celebrities but don’t go near them  because your not a vip and some ignorant bodyguard will bust you open….let’s take back festivals guys and gals.

In serious news….Some kaepernick guy who plays for San Francisco 49ers ( American Football team) refused to stand for the national anthem because of injustice in America. …..what a bastard!!!! I mean it’s America that’s paying him millions to play football,he lives in America, without America he would have jackshit. ….but still feels he must spit on the flag by not standing for the national anthem.  It’s his right not to stand but he is just being an asshole really and to be honest it all seems to be a ply to get more money on his end. Of course the novelty president Obama called it “active citizenry ” and prised it. Does the clown Obama have any respect left.

Speaking of clowns. ….Some freaky ass mother fucker is going around dressed in white overalls,  white  gloves, red shoes,bushy red hair, white face and red nose in N.C. . ….except this guy is no clown, he is trying to abduct children!!! Twice he has been spotted in Winston,  Salem in residential areas trying to abduct young children. I hope someone finds this weirdo before the cops because this shit needs to be dealt with. If you see a creepy ass mother fucker dressed as a clown and driving a white rape van….well you know what to do.

There is loads of stuff I didn’t get to today…..ISIS asshole wants sharia law in Germany and is claiming 100 of terror cells setup in Europe by jihadists inering Europe under migrant crisis (we all knew it would happen but the trendies and lefties won that row)…Merkel is on her way out the door….Isreal would prefer to talk to Russia than Obama (who can blame them….I don’t even want to meet Obama)….and some hooker on big brother called some other hooker” a fuck on legs” I don’t understand either

So until tomorrow guys and gals. …watch out for clowns and remember Tylor Swift is still a person so stop being an asshole Tom….

Love you all guys and gals. ..

Here’s pics just to keep some happy and freak others out…

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