Chelsea Clinton is hot….

…but would you get up on her after 20 pints of Guinness.  As I ve said before I’m a pretty sick weirdo and would get up on a cracked plate after 20 pints of Guinness but I wouldn’t get up on Chelsea Clinton. Why would I sleep with Saddams daughter and not Chelsea Clinton well here is ten reasons not too

Reason 1.

Right picture this….you are in the night club and you start throwing shapes at Chelsea Clinton and to your drunken surprise she brings you home. So you ve the clothes off and you jump into the bed before the drink kicks in and your little head goes to sleep when Chelsea handcuffs you to the bed…you think “hey she’s kinky….excellent “. But suddenly  ( well slowly) the wardrobe door opens and out steps the walking copse that is Bill Clinton wearing a batman suit. Then you look a Chelsea  who has the mad Clinton grin on her face ” I got one daddy I got one” ….Bill looks happy and says ” I will not have sexual relations with you but you will have sexual relations with me”. Confused you ask ” what the fuck does that mean you fucking weirdo” then a voice in the dark answers ” you gonna be butt fucked boy” then out steps creepy George Soros wearing a cloak like the dude in star wars. You scream in fear as you hear ” get him good Bill get him good” as they close in around you.

Reason 2

I’m completely broke and have 3 cats, so I’m not in Chelsea Clinton’s league. So for her to come home with a guy like me she would probably have to roofie herself.

Reason 3

Chelsea Clinton was raised by a rapist and the devil….just let that idea set in and what kinda shit that family would do to you

Reason 4

So let’s say you try to sneak out in the morning and your there with the boots in one hand trying to creep down the stairs…..when there at the bottom of the stairs is…Hilary in her mobile wheelchair  ( at this stage we all know she has one) ” where you think you going boy” she asks.”Ah I ve to go to work Mrs clinton….I ll email Chelsea later” you tell her. ” did you say email, did yoooooou just say email …..I ll fucking kill you, you donkey fucker” she screams. Angry you shout back ” well I fucked a donkey last night” as you see her getting a gun. You turn to run back up the stairs….but Bill is there in the batman suit….screaming you accept your faith.

Reason 5

Chelsea Clinton is the worst of that family and will be president one day… seriously think you ll get away without calling her.

Reason 6

Chelsea Clinton is the head of the clinton foundation….who in turn give money to drug cartels and own the media….so if you re little head won’t work that night ( happens to every guy ….if you say it don’t your lying and the only sex you get is with your hand) well a Mexican drug lord with kill you and the media will destroy you.

Reason 7.

You will have to vote for Hilary…..a faith worse than death.

Reason 8.

Has anyone seen Chelsea Clinton’s husband recently???? Think about that. Why is it the scene from pulp fiction comes to mind ” bring out the gimp ” says bill. “But the gimp is sleeping ” says Chelsea…” well you best go wake him up” says bill as George Soros hands him his batman suit.

Reason 9.

Did I mention it’s Chelsea Clinton??? Need I say more???

Reason 10.

Chelsea Clinton is married. Porta Gregor don’t get down with married women and Porta Gregor don’t cheat or share. So to all the husbands who think I’m fucking they re wives….I’m not and have some trust I the woman who married you….fucker!!!

So there you have it….a woman I would not sleep with because she is the devil’s child and would fucking ruin your life. Speaking of women who would ruin your life Mrs pig vomit and little miss can’t be wrong have popped up again, beware irish boys these women are on the loose and looking for husbands….don’t look my way girls…seen to many of ye and can spot ye a mile away….so kiss my ass bitches.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….always check the wardrobe if you go to a strange house because Bill Clinton and George Soros may be hiding in there.

Love you all guys and gals 

More of Chelsea 

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