Can Hilary’s ear piece pick up Howard stern???? ….Porta Gregor needs a nurse..

OK I’m sick today and I need a nurse but we’ll get back to that. Wtf is Hilary listening too on the ear piece?? I’m going to take a guess…’s either God or the Howard stern show. If it’s God I kinda picture God laying down some tunes on Hilary as she lies her way through her campaign .

If it’s the Howard Stern show …well it’s more interesting than anything she has to say. Either way when will the world wake up to this crazy heifer. 71% of doctors agree that she some form of mental and physical health issues. But the novelty of ” oh she’s a woman….you just don’t want a woman president “is always there. I don’t care if one of the most powerful people in the world has a pair of balls or not….but what am I saying, that tool Gary Johnson is going to fuck up the election and the bat shit crazy heifer will be in the white house.  Maybe it’s time for a few states to think about leaving the union if she gets in…maybe???

So to me ….Porta Gregor …I’m fucked sick again and I wish like every stupid celebrity who catches cold or has a bad day, that I could say “I’m so positive and better now ” well I’m fucking not. I’m depressed as fuck and I have two walking sticks and the pain is terrible….but who cares life goes on and so will I. Porta Gregor fights for everything weather that be life or what I believe in…I fight. Yes depression will pass ( it fucking sucks but will pass) as will the pain and the walking sticks will be put away again..till they needed again. So to cheer me up here’s a list of women id like to nurse me back to just fucked health and not fucked fucked health as I am now….so if you know any of them or are a super hot model yourself gimme a shout…must love cats.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….fight on and let God lay down the tunes on you…

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s the girls…

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