Only one direction for Hilary Clinton, Taylor Swift and Simon Cowell…down down down down down…

How many Hilary Clinton’s is there. There was the one in the hotel, the one wild Willy goes to bed with, then there is the one that is mentally ill and the one that is just ill….now there is the one who bounced back from pneumonia in 2 days. How many is that??? I ve had pneumonia and trust me you don’t recover in 2 days. Then the democratic doctor comes out and says she’s never been in better health…..she is 69…how does she not have some age related illness….I’m 36 and I ve a pain in my balls…..I want to see this doc because he will give you a clean bill of health even if your fucked or he must have pep pills that work magic to cure pneumonia in 2 days. Even Chelsea Clinton says she is worried about Hilary because she looks terrible….but just look at her father, he really freaks me out.

Here’s wild Willy in his younger days getting ready to shag a blonde ….check out the fear in her eyes 

Here’s wild Willy telling Hilary were he is going to hide the next bunch of emails…here is a sick thought, they have sex….there is your day ruined with that mental image

So back to Hilary…..who the fuck is doing the polls….cnn came out today and said her lead was shrinking. What fucking lead!!! If you do a poll of Democrats of course she ll be in the lead. But which Hilary will be in the white house check out these.

Any of them could pass for Hilary. I must say in her defence….I would have given her one in her younger days….yes I said it, I know I’m a sick weirdo….but ….

Simon Cowell has said that he is sadden that one direction broke up  ( i didn’t know or care that they had) and more saddened to not be involved in they solo careers  ( as fucking what). Ah who cares..

His Mickey mouse  show ” the x thing has a talent factor that no one can fucking see but me” ( not real name) is losing ratings because….well….because it’s fucking shit! I dated a girl who loved it …..but she was a idiot so I’m a good judge of bad tv shows and terrible judge of women…..she stole my Fred Perry jacket ( sorry I’m getting side tracked….but I loved that jacket….bitch)

So we get to my beloved crazy Taylor Swift. Ah fuck it I have no idea what her story is….she’s a beautiful woman…has the world but yet dates muppets. Tom Hiddleston is playing Hank Marvin in a movie but I can’t watch it because someone used all the credit on the sky box watching porn ( if you haven’t listened to Hank Marvin…he is good …but some of his music is the stuff you put on a 7am to get that annoying one stand to leave….sorry side tracked again) so Tom Hiddleston….look he was just going out with public Taylor  and this Calvin Harris dude ( i thought he was that creepy guy with the shinny suits and sunglasses from Europe….but he isn’t…he is the creepy guy from Scotland….probably the same person..all that dance music is shit anyway….where’s me Hank Marvin vinyl albums ya bastard) so he has released some song bout Taylor Swift or some kinda shit like that…..who cares. Oh he is ment to be knocking off Jenny from the block now. Wonder how Taylor feels bout that…

Over the weekend I ll be taking a serious look at the porn industry…..there is some worrying stuff happening so check it out

So until tomorrow guys and gals….don’t give away yer Fred Perry jackets…

Love you all guys and gals 

Oh here is a super sexy girl…. Ophelia Lovibond….

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