Is Machine real? Part 1

A few weeks back i wrote about the porn industry and I wanted to give it more time because I found some pretty disturbing things going on in the industry but  that’s for tomorrow…today I want to take  a look at the lighter side of the porn industry. Oh who is Machine….check out a movie called “8mm” and you ll find Machine.

So who watches porn? Well just about everyone. I have to admit I’m not really into it….I mean I’d watch about 10min but then I find that it’s just getting boring and I’d rather be having sex than watching it it. But that being said a girl told bout this guy she dated….she was seeing him for a few weeks and he asked her did she mind if they watched a porn movie while they were at it. Feeling kinky she did and liked it. So from there things got freaky …till she said she got to the final straw…the guy tied her to a chair and filmed another guy going down on him so he and the girl could watch it back later!!!! The point of that story is that porn can drag people into a world that they become stuck in.
A priest I know used to have a massive porn collection, we all knew about it and honestly I didn’t care because we re all human and it’s his deal with God not mine. So this is back when we were in secondary school. One day there was a wicked panic on the priest…..someone had stolen all his movies. He worked in the school and this being 20 years ago porn movies were harder to get. So there is the guy like a stoned rabbit looking for heroin asking people he shouldn’t to get him movies. I finished  school a month later but the next year I found out that the same priest made a grab a one of the younger students and was sent away. Then it dawned on me….the porn films over the years kept him away from real life actions. Then you have to ask yourself how many other people out there watch porn to stop themselves acting out they re ideas. In this  way porn is a good thing.

For some of the actresses they can make €5k per week and guys about half that…but that’s for the above board porn that has a budget and acting. The other strange stuff we ll talk about tomorrow. So in this side of the industry who is losing out….well…no one. People who like soft porn on a Friday night to keep the marriage going are happy….the weirdos are kinda happy and can Jerk off for  a weekend if they like and the actors are well paid. This side of the industry is good and has a use….but tomorrow the bad.

Overall all I don’t see a problem with this side of the industry.  That fucking lunatic wacko Machine isn’t running around and everyone is more or less happy. The stories above are to to show you that you never know who is watching porn or how it is effecting them

So until tomorrow guys and gals….here is a few celebrities who have done porn

Love you all guys and gals 

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