So we re back. But it’s not to the greatest of news. More bombings and more fear. I don’t get this. Why keep bombing and attacking in the west… only spells hate of all Muslims in the west when it’s only bout 5% are the fucking lunatics killing people. Why don’t extremists see this.

This latest tool  hated the west…hated gays…hated women….is there anyone he didn’t hate!!! Also this asshole didn’t even have the guts to kill himself…he was shot and wounded by police. This asshole could well be the worst terrorist in ISIS history. But it does show that ISIS is among us. Maybe this will make the save the world tools realise the problem. Refugees need to be vetted. There is no other way.

I am glad to see that tv time is not being wasted on gimp terrorists….instead Taylor Swift has said she is going to rip Tom Hiddleston and clavin tool to bits in her new album. I love Taylor Swift you can just picture her taking notes during sex and checking the clock…” Tom  that was 4 min and I’m only giving you a 4 out of 10″. It goes without saying date Taylor Swift and she ll tell the world how shit you are.she worse than Adel. Taylor rocks.

As terriosts hate everyone….I think they should hate Johnny Depp. Look what happens when you date Johnny Depp. Amber Heard looks fucked. She went to so party ( ah guys why not attack there instead of killing decent people) looking good and well left looking wrecked. It happens to us all except we don’t have a fleet of wanker photographers outside the club waiting for us. Check out end for hot Amber. Here  is cara at the party looks like a real fun great party. The guests look dead.

So until tomorrow…..we ve gotta jump back into the real world …..187 forever…

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s Amber 


    1. I agree but I can’t see it happen. There is unfortunately always a reason to hate….even if it’s just the smile on pretty girls face. We re out to destroy ourselves but there still is hope and beauty….that’s what I try to show daily. I hate voilence against women….so on the 23th I ll be doing a special on it. The only way I can see violence to stop is to not allow it to consume us. But it’s hard.
      Happy international peace day to you too


    1. I wish we could….but everyone has a view and everyone feel they are right..and they have the right to feel that way….but then enter the wackos who can accept any other views and are willing to kill those disagree. It’s terrible but ideals are the most dangerous weapons. Thats what I try to highlight everyday….that we are all equal… I ll admit I ve a screwed up way of doing it but that’s what it comes down too.
      Glad you liked the post


    1. Unfortunately I have to agree….as in the book “1984” there is always something to be jealous of…the grass in greener mentally and we all suffer from it in one form or another. Good old Taylor Swift has hit a winning formula….date…dump…and then write a song about what a bastard he was…seems to work.


    1. She really is a beautiful woman and I think people miss that point…she is a woman first then musican….I’d love to meet the woman…no camera’s no interview no anything….just sit down and talk with her. It must be so stressful to live ur life in public like she does and then be used by guys who want Taylor Swift the public image and not the beautiful person she is.
      Glad you liked😊


  1. Of course I’d rather innocent people didn’t die but insinuating that terrorists should perhaps attack Johnny Depp instead isn’t right either. His treatment of Amber was terrible though.

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    1. I know ….it was a bit much, but when I read up on Johnny Depp and his connection with the west mephis three and how he treats women….plus some of the stories from his bar ” the viper room” it really turned me against him. Asking terrorists to attack him…..I’d say they would rather Johnny Depp played them in the movie of they re lives😀


  2. This is the problem these days. We tend to shift the focus to celebrities because apparently they’re more interesting than our actual lives being in danger!

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    1. I found that out over the last few months….it’s like they re lives are more important ours. When the lorry attack happened in France…Police rushed to save bono, who was 4 miles away, before helping ordinary people.


    1. It would be brilliant…..but there again is the problem. While normal people would see her as beautiful talented woman….a nutter would do a shooting or something to impress her or target her. It’s hard to believe but the guy who tried to kill Ronald raygan did it to prove his love for Jodie foster!!!
      Thank you so much for reading😊


    1. Unfortunately I agree bur what found was in order to get people to read about important issues you need to lighten it with something they can relate to and gradually bring in the important issues


    1. Honestly I don’t really like her music as she has a point to her songs and then goes off in a rant bout bad boyfriends….like shake it off…but it’s a winning combination…so respect to her


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