R.age, A.gainst, P.eople, E.xploitation!!!!

I always hate this date, no matter how hard i try I can’t forget a girl called Sharon. She killed herself right in front of me and it broke my heart. I close my eyes and try to forget but she’s always there…..she keeps me going,so today is for her. I’m gong to give you 4 stories of rape…..the worst crime I can think of so brace yourself .


I ve spent alot of time in hospital, and one time while in hospital I met Sharon…a tall pale red head who was very thin. I was 14 she 16. We became good friends and we’re both long term patients.So one day she comes to me crying that she was be allowed go home….I tried to tell her it was good to go home. She then asked me to go for a walk with her….I had my two drips so I was moving slowly but could walk by pushing them because they had wheels. We walked a little and she said nothing till she saw an office door open and she said let’s go in. I was a kid, all brave so I go in first into the small office with Sharon behind me…once inside she quickly closes the door. I asked what she was doing and she told me. The reason she was crying about going home was because her father raped her a few times a week….sometimes anally….but no more. She took out a scaple that she had stolen….” ur cool porta …I’m sorry…goodbye” and she cut a T into her arms the first one spilled out blood everywhere the other arm was not as deep because I think she damaged the tendon in her arm.I screamed no but with two drips I could nt move so I ripped out the needles so I was now bleeding too. I tried to stop the blood spilling from her but I couldn’t so I ran to the door but Sharon had  locked it and taken the key ….I tried again to stop the bleeding from her  but I couldn’t….all I could do was scream for help. As staff tried to break the door down I held Sharon in my arms…..and she said to me ” I’m free” smiled and died. That was my first experience with what sexual assault and rape could do. ” I’m free” it haunts me forever….I wake up thinking I’m covered in her warm blood ever since and question myself why couldn’t I have saved her….why this …why that….but there are no answers….all I can say is ” your free Sharon….no one can hurt you now” Her father never saw the inside of a cell and I took a very bad beating from him and he threatened to kill my family unless I shut up about what I was told. I was a kid ….so I said nothing more….but Sharon and her scumbag father created the fighter I am today….I ll never let someone like him away with stuff like that again.


I was in my mid 20s and was traveling home from Dublin on a fairly empty empty train. I must have nodded off because when I opened my eyes a woman in her 60s was sitting across from me. I said hello and we had the polite weather conversation but she then went quite and stared out the window. I thought nothing much of it till she started crying. I asked was she ok and it was like a burst from her she told me this story. Her 17 year old grandson had been on the late train 3 weeks ago. He was a quite shy kid she told me but never really bothered anyone….he was one of those background kids…they are there but never say much. 4 men got on the train who had been drinking….they started to shout at him as they were only people on that carriage.  The kid got scared and got up to move backwards to another carriage but the men followed him so he ran through the empty carriages till he was cornered at the back of the last carriage.  The men beat him violently then they held him down and took turns raping him. When they finished they pissed on him. Then hit him on the head with a lump hammer and just left him there. It was caught on camera so the men were caught but the kid never came out of a coma….and died. She felt like a weight lifted off her because I got the feeling she had spoke to no one about it. She went quite as did I.  I think about that story and wonder where does the hate come from to do that to a kid. I mean it must go through your head that this is wrong. But yet it happened and will happen again.

The friend

I was at a party a few years ago and it was good fun i met a nice girl there and we had a good nite. But another girl didn’t. A guy arrived at the party just after me and claimed he was my friend….but I had no clue who he was. So I didn’t see him for the night and next morning the girl I was with and I left and thought that was that…till I got a phone call about 3 days later from the girl who owned the house where the party was. She sounded upset and wanted to know who the guy was who said he knew me, I told her I didn’t know and I thought he was just a party crasher or he knew others there. It was then she told me what happened….she had gotten drunk and felt bad going to bed and was helped to her bedroom by the guy who said he knew me. She woke up in pain and the bed was covered in blood, then she realised what had happened. She had been raped and anally raped by the guy who claimed he knew me. Then she found the note. The bastard had left a letter telling her what he had done to her and rated her out of ten. She needed stitches and she also found out she had been drugged and she now had an std from him. She was too ashamed to go to the police and it ruined her life. We never saw the guy again and I would think he did it again.

The punishment 

This is a story I heard from a debt collector. He was a lump ( big gym guy) brought along for fear factor. It was his first night and he was working with 3 other guys who were used to the work. So they arrive at this guys house who owed money and they broke they re way in. The guy who told me this story was shocked to find out what happens when you owe money. The 3 other guys brought the man’s wife and 2 kids down to the sitting room and told the new guy to load up the TV and dvd player and anything of value. So he did. When he came back to the house that’s when he saw it. One of the men was hold the man down over a table, while another collector raped the man in front of his family. The 3rd man was filming it on his phone. When they all had a go except the new guy the 3 collectors told the man that they would do the same to his wife and kids and send the video to all his friends and family if he was late paying again. Later they told the new guy that it’s the best way to to “keep them in line” and they laughed about it. When the new guy asked them if they were gay they looked at him in shock and said no. The man was never late paying again and the new guy quite the job.

Rape is the worst fucking crime there is. It ruins lives and sick assholes run around doing it again and again. There is way more stories I know but I would be here all day telling them. Most go unreported. Please report these crimes and if you won’t be please seek vengeance. It’s your body don’t let it be abused.

So to all rapists out there…..what is 187…look it up…..who is porta gregor….go find out, because 187 is here to stay forever and as long as there is one person in the world willing to be a porta gregor…..then porta gregor will live forever and rapists will have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of they re lives….because you never know who or when you ll be found.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….please share this blog post as it needs to be told…

Love you all guys and gals…

To show that you are not allow here are some celebrities who have been raped or abused..

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