Shootings, Bombings, Allope, Charlotte ….but what do we get….a steaming pile of dog ….

So the great debate was last night and if anyone else was expecting a straight answer to a question, well there wasn’t any. It was just a slow slide into mud slinging. Why put Paul Rubans ( owner of dallas cowboys) in the front row for Hilary??? Nobody even likes Paul Rubans anyway…..what is he going to do, freak out Trump with his presence  ( on ” fast and loud” they buildt a car for about $20k ….and  sold it to Paul Rubans for $80k ….this is the level of muppet he is) but Trump is just as bad by saying he should invite Paula Jones ( one of Wild Bills women)…but then said he wasn’t at the last minute. So this was the nonsense we were subjected to. No real mention of important issues…..I can’t even talk about that steaming pile of dog shit debate anymore.

So as the National Guard hit the streets in Charlotte North Carolina after another night of riots….it seems like a decent into madness. First off you don’t riot where you live, but here is the ” Black Lives Matter ” group doing just that. But this is why….” Black Lives Matter ” groups are being ferried in by those who have to something to gain by these riots. So when you see a guy burning a car outside what seems his neighbourhood it’s probably a guy who came into town to just cause trouble. Fan the flames…get people so worked up that they call for no policing in black neighbourhoods…where the most crime is….go figure. Then we have the biggest problem….complete lack of respect of law and order…once this happens, it’s no longer a protest it’s a riot….riot equals a man in army uniform on your street corner with an M16 in his hands. Think about the effect this has on kids, on the economy, on the whole state of North Carolina… would be one thing if there was a war or something along those lines…..but there isn’t….so what are the riots going to get…well nothing….because the people don’t even know what riots are for. All that will happen is more deaths….more hatred…and more of everything that charlotte does not need. Where and what is Obama doing…..nothing except saying “fuck all you guys ….I’m leaving” he is nothing but a disgrace.

Allope…right so we all know someone dropped a fuck load of bombs on the city killing loads of people and for some mad reason the world has now sided with the fucking fruit cakes that beat women, sell kids, hang gay people…..wake up its war. What the fuck do you think happens in the fog of war…..people die. Was it a legitimate target….I don’t know…but what is the choice….you get intelligence that your enemy is in such an area and it is danger close to civilian area….what do you do…..there is no right decision, it’s lose lose….but then the finger pointing begins. But where does the blame lay….it lays with us….you and me. 

Loading up countries with refugees unvetted is allowing both sides of the civil war to escape into peaceful countries and spread the war. Also delivering loads of aid to Allope is stupid because it gets to the wrong people. Do you really think that during a cease fire all the fighters come out and have the cric and tell a few jokes…….what happens is hate. Hate that the fella you are shooting at across the street will get more aid than you….so we re too blame. Lefties and bleeding hearts telling everyone what to do and what bastards we are when themselves do nothing. Taking out unvetted refugees and just dumping aid is not the answer…it needs boots on the ground to restore order….but who wants that job, I don’t.  I have no idea how to solve the Syrian problem….but at least I can admit it, and not be a trendie with a fucked up opinion of the world where we all hold hands and stick daisies up our asses.

So until tomorrow….watch out for the dog shit…

Love you all guys and gals..

Here’s Rhona Mitra

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