Katy Perry naked for Hilary….and Wild Bill.. but would Swen  let her in to Berghain, that is the question????

Of all the reasons to vote Trump….katy Perry getting naked for people to vote Hilary Clinton is it. Not only is katy Perry thick stupid but this just seems like a ply to stay in the head lines. When did you hear a decent song from katy Perry lately and the best thing that she has done in years was left shark at the super bowl….now you really got to suck to be shown up by a guy in a shark suit.

But who asked her to get her ditties out for Hilary….me thinks wild bill….because let’s face it there is nothing more that wild bill likes than ditties.

Yes the walking copse that is Bill Clinton can still be counted on to be a pervert. I don’t want to katy Perry’s ditties….seen em and they ain’t that great. But there is a place where she can’t get into and wild bill would love too get into….Berghain nite club in Berlin.

Now I don’t give a shit about what way people live or what they want to do….but one thing that sickens my shit is being told what’s cool and whats not….meet Swen 

Swen is famous  ( i never heard of him either) but he sits at the door of this club, where people que up for 8 hours to get in and waves you right to go in or left to fuck off….depending how cool he judges you. Someone else used to do this but it was a life or death situation…Dr . death….Jophef Mengle. 

So the idea of a fucking gimp like  Swen telling  me I ain’t cool and waves me left would make me wanna stomp his fucking head in…first of all look at him and second….it’s fucking Germany and they killed 6 million people  ( 14million if you count every one) by this manner….so fuck you Swen and your t shirt design for Hugo boss ( who started by making uniforms for nazi’s….look it up)

I suppose I should explain. The Berghain nite club starts on Fri night and goes on till Monday morning.  It’s a den of drugs, sex and techno…see why wild bill wants in. But you need to be cool…Swen cool…here are a few of examples of cool.

Now I don’t know about you but if that’s cool I’m glad I’m a fucking square. There is a couple of reasons for not going to the club….I don’t need a fucking pretend nazi to tell me I’m cool enough….Im so fucking cool that I ll smile while I stomp nazi shit heads into the ground….if I partied for 60 hours I’d be dead and most of all I like living because if you randomly fuck anything and everything you will eventually catch a std that will kill you or you ll end up looking like wild bill ( a faith worse than death). I can see why losers want to get in to this club….the need to be told they cool…well I ain’t got that need …I ll wear my cowboy boots and shirt and leather jacket and fuck you if you don’t like it. Some people have breakdowns if the can’t get in….maybe they turned katy Perry away…why else would she do shit like this other wise.

Ah for fuck sake….least she is on the right team….bat shit crazy Hilary Clinton’s team.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…Swen can go fuck himself ( probably does) and being uncool in his eyes probably means you are cool…

Love you all guys and gals…

Here is katy Perry…you decide if she hot

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