Porta Gregor: 187…keep on rocking in the free world…part 2

” I see a woman in the night…”

Where do I begin…..Im tried. Everywhere I look I see voilence…rape…murder and I see it swept under the carpet as if it’s bad to talk about it….I don’t do that. If you ve been an asshole all your life and then you die well you died an asshole you won’t get the ” great man” speech from me.

I fight …daily… mostly with myself just to get up and around because well I’m fucked health wise …but yet I still put it all on the line everyday to help those who can’t help themselves. Why….” if not I then who” and when I am dragged to hell screaming I want the world to know porta gregor lived.

I don’t sit on the couch and talk shit afraid to give my opinion in public but then claiming to be a do Gooder ….no I ll Put it right in your face and then put you in your motherfucking place. That’s what we have forgotten….we no longer say there’s the line ….the shit you doing ain’t right so deal with it.

I ll go anywhere and do anything…weather that be driving a bike through a war zone…to trying to stop white slavery…that’s who I am. ” who is a man who does not try to make the world better ”

With 187 I am trying to show that it’s OK to not fit in…it’s OK to speak you’re mind…it’s OK to be whatever you want. Hatered only exists in the small minded…open your mind and go beyond hate. Believe in yourself….believe you stand for what you are doing but most of all believe in yourself and  what you are….because that’s all you ve got. Women will come and go..the back patting will stop…in the end there only is you and the mirror…and if you can’t love what you see…your in trouble.

I ve been set on fire…shot at…died and came back so many times at this stage that they keep the gates of hell open for me…I ve seen my friends die…I ve tried to destroy myself….but I’m still here…there must be a reason….maybe 187 is it….maybe just maybe we can help one person ” save one life and you save the world”

I have 3 kitty kats who I adore and a pet fox called alphonso…I’m mad…I ll stomp your fucking head in if I see you hit a woman…I hate rapists…I fight daily for those who can not….I am 187 and 187 is me…who am I…

I’m Porta Gregor….

So until tomorrow guys and gals…I hope this weekend was insightful…

Love you all guys and gals

( 187 will be switching to an online magazine format soon where porta gregor  will be doing all his work from as will other contributers….plus the 187 shop will be there and much much more….www.187pro.com)

” now she puts the kid away and she’s gone to get a fix, she hates her life and what she’s done to it….”

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