SKID ROW- Hell in Hollywood ….but not if you are Kim kardashian …

Suzanne steirn has really hit the point home about the bad side of Hollywood with her latest photos….the people of skid row.

According to the Union Rescue Mission, Skid Row is considered to be the areas between 3rd and 7th Streets, to the north and south, and Alameda and Main, to the east and west, respectively in downtown Los Angeles.

These photos speak for themselves but yet the world  continues to worry about kim kardashian.  Why???….she makes a sex tape every time she slides out of the headlines and if you ve ever seen one of her shows you will know she is a fucking tool!!

She has cancelled a make up class in Dubai because of stress ( make up …Dubai???) and she said that she doesn’t want Kanye west to replace her ring. Why is the idea setting in that they can’t afford to replace the ring and I called it a few days ago…..they have the most to gain from the robbery and I say it could well have been done by Kim and Kanye or that they had some part of it.

Having seen the photos of skid row I can’t look at myself….I want to help but how….I don’t know. Crack is massive problem on skid row and now with the super crack from Mexico…one hit and your hooked…2 years you are dead..and this is now in Ireland thanks to the Irish navy getting patted on the back for fishing people out of the Mediterranean. The people homeless on skid row were once something….but slipped into skid row life as additics and hookers because life sometimes life just kicks you down and some can’t recover ….how long before its Ireland….but hey thank fuck  kim kardashian is ok. …..I can’t look at myself

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..don’t use crystal meth ( crack) ever…just look at the photos above….

Love you all guys and gals…

Our sexy lady today is Ireland’s own  ….Vogue Williams…

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