I’m back….I’m very sorry for no blog at weekend but near death stuff will do that too you. So I ve just been trying  get to recover for the last two days and my kitty kats been looking after me. Alphonso my pet fox scored with a vixen so we all very proud of him. Even when I’m sick ….the sight of the little guy cheers me up and I play with him for 20min each morning…but today he was a bit thick as I was late getting up  from being sick….so we ll just start into it…

I’m terrified of this guy. There is this dude in Australia, Ruby Rue, who has the same kinda ass as kim kardashian…..and he likes showing it off!!! How twisted is that…it nearly broke the Internet…well my Internet because I almost had to break the phone….you can’t unsee that kinda stuff . Is this the new crazy ….to have some form of connection with a celebrity…how sad are we getting.

Mr I’m a fucking tool, is an example of this. He has to go out and be seen in expensive bars and restaurants with his girlfriend…just so they can feel big. He is on the dole and lives off his girlfriend ..and anyone who is slightly well known he walks up too and takes selfies with them ….and then claims he knows them well and they all good friends. But while all this is happening he leaves his girlfriend with the bill. I can’t stand this….secondhand name dropping and thinking that you the man. I don’t want to be known, remembered or prised….least of all a celebrity. If I help one person in this world ….then I have won….so secondhand name dropping losers who live off they re girlfriends…kiss my ass…u ll never amount to nothing.

So you got all these people calling Trump  a woman hater…just over a few comments from 10 or more years ago, it’s nonsense. Let’s take a look at Hilary…the woman candidate…the woman who will stand up for women everywhere..right… guess again. Hilary always checks into a one bedroom hotel room with her female saudi adviser…but I’m sure the girl sleeps on the couch….but this female saudi adviser is Americas leading spokesperson on female genital mutation…..she is pro female mutation. Also Hilary has turned a blind eye to all the rapes by her husband Bill and also looked the other way when he flew on the lotita express….having sex with kids!!!!
Trump is by no means perfect and I worry that the system will control him if he gets to the white house. But with Hilary almost everything that she says is a lie or half truth. Trump says put her in jail….I agree. Even if you leave out all the government email stuff….she must be surely be involved in the cover ups of Wild Bills rape cases. If you want Hilary in the white house you better forget that if you re screaming ” don’t rape me” or a girl says “NO” that according to Bill she means yes….and Hilary will back him up. So if you want that for your kids by all means vote the animal in.

It has now been proven that 12 of the 14 Paris attackers came into Europe as…you ve guessed it refugees. All the trendies saying that it wasn’t  happening and we all gotta stick daisies up our asses and love all these ” refugees ” should now just shut up. But let me ask you this….the group of refugees that these terriosts came in with, they must have known who they were….but said nothing. Vetting has to be done and sights like these must be stopped.

Back to Kimmy kardashian….this robbery crap is starting to look so false that it makes porn movies seem like real life. Inside job ….I say yes…you can’t live the lifestyle of kim Kardashian and Kanye West without losing money because think about it…what do they actually do. Just like Mr. I’m a fucking tool…spend money to be seen …but when money runs out and when the headlines don’t want you anymore….set up a robbery …claim insurance and buy back the the jewellery at one fifth of the price…it’s been going on for years…even titanic was one of these situations  ( look it up)
So until tomorrow guys and gals….please don’t show your ass off like the aussie guy…

Love you all guys and gals…

Today’s beautiful woman is ….Zoe Saldana….


  1. So a guy cant have a butt? And if they do they have to hide it in shame? Trust me. Its not just gay men that notice my ass. Woman like butts too. Quit being such a stereotypical conformed type. It wouldnt bother you unless you were compensating.


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