Dam I love Lindsay Lohan…

I love Lindsay Lohan, I really do ….but sometimes she can just be such a dumbass. Seeing as her acting career is going no where and didn’t she release a song or something years ago that went no where ….well the newest low is a nightclub. Yes good old Lindsay has opened a nightclub in Athens of all places and of course it’s called “LOHAN ”

But she forgot that the people who go to nightclubs are called customers and these strange and unusual beings spend a thing called money which is in turn is called your profits. So what does Lindsay do…go up on stage and try to do a speech but started with telling all the people to “shut the fuck up”. I don’t know if you ve tried to tell a group of pissheads to shut the fuck up….but let’s just say it doesn’t work. So there is Lindsay repeatedly telling the people to shut the fuck up and the crowd laughing at her. It’s pretty sad for her to go from mega star to nightclub owner because most of the night club owners I know are drug addict alcoholic weirdos….oh wait Lindsay is a…..

A Muslim school for girls in Nottingham has been ordered to stop taking in boarders because they where teaching…get this….that it’s OK for a man to rape and beat his wife and that it’s perfectly fine to hang gay people. I didn’t even know that there were all Muslim boarding schools…let alone that that the were teaching this shit to kids. With the boarding side of the school closed down, the school will have to shut down because it accounts for 85% of the income for the school….but there is more schools like this. What the fuck are the parents of these kids thinking….these are girls…they re flesh and blood and they allow some freak of a teacher to tell them ” hey its OK if your husband beats the fucking head off you and rapes you”.I think they should make Lindsay Lohan head teacher there because at least the girls would learn it’s OK to be screw up and it’s not ok for a man to rape and beat you

Now normally you would have me defending Sweden to the end because ….well…I love Swedish women. But they have fucked up this time ( the Swedish legal system …not the women…still love ye girls) they are allowing the flying of the ISIS battle flag and also saying it is not a symbol of hatred. Yes I know it’s the “black flag of the Eagle ” and yes I know it was used long before ISIS took it over but it’s what it’s used for now is the problem. 

There must be a line drawn to show you go beyond this point we re going to fucking arrest you and put your ass in jail. Flags don’t kill anyone but unfortunately the people flying this flag now ( and remember it’s a “battle” flag…the same as a regiments colour banner) are using it to create hatred. Again here Lindsay Lohan should be brought in to tell the Swedish court to shut the fuck up.
In other news…wild Willy himself Bill Clinton has been taped saying he ll fuck anything…dog…cat..human…chicken….the list goes on and on. And in a poll of 100 Democrats none could think of one good thing in HILARY’S policy…but will still vote for her.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….all hail Lindsay Lohan…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Lindsay 

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