Brink of war…but hey Kim Kardashian’s robbery could have been prevented…according to tool!!!

Some tool of a guy working at the dump where Kimmy got robbed has said it could have been prevented and he had been telling the owners for years what to do….but he won’t give his name for fear of his life. He is the guy in the silly suit who opens the fucking car door when celebrities arrive….what the fuck is he going to know about security. Also what’s the worst that can happen to him…Kanye west makes him have sex with Kimmy while he records it. Stick to opening doors dude and not running to the press for 15min of fame.

Today I’m just angry. I’m sick and tired of Hilary Clinton…. the lies …the crap ….the health …the whole works. The woman should be in jail or under US law shot ….but Loretta lynch won’t allow any investigation into the clinton foundation or Hilary. 

Why does it make me so mad 20 days before the election….I just found out that 94% ($2billion) was diverted from the clinton foundation to Bill and Hilary personally….who was the money ment for … Haiti ….a country that needs the money…i hate scum like the Clinton’s who steal from those who need it most. Hillary was a failure as a first lady…a failure as Secretary of state  and now a failure as a human being. Let me sum it up for you….if you support or vote for Hilary  ( it’s your right and I won’t knock it) you are voting for a lesbien, with health and mental issues who lies and is married to a rapist who steals money from the needy and who’s daughter is ten times worse than both put together. If you want that in power ….well you need to have a chat with yourself. Also why has that prick Obama puting the election under the control of Homeland security!!! Can you see what’s coming….it’s going to be 1960 all over again just this time the name is Clinton and not Kennedy. 

Why is American congress hell  bent on going to war with Russia!!! It’s fucking nonsense. During congress a few days ago a congressman asked  the Secretary of the army ” can we get control of the airspace over Syria ” to which the Secretary of the army told him ” yes but it would mean declaring war on both Russia and Syria “…..the congressman said ” so” and get this he had back up from other congress members. How fucking stupid do they have to be. Russia has hyper sonic missiles that will give no warning of incoming attack ( guess who sold them the technology….Hilary  ). If war breaks out between super blocks….Ireland is fucked because we rely on trade…how the fuck do you trade any thing when both countries have destroyed themselves. I’m no bleeding heart save the world type as you know ( ain’t no daisies up my ass) but if a nutcase like me can see what’s on the horizon surely there must be at least one person awake in congress….maybe….hopefully..

In a high school in America a teacher is teaching his class that ” to be white is to be racist “!!! What kids learn in school, some take it in as fact and don’t question what the teacher has said….so they grow up to think they are racist. Luckily a student recorded the class and the teaching methods are being changed but this is something I ve said before….there should be so kind of vetting for teachers before they can be left teach a class. Personally I went through hell from a fat stupid teacher for two years all be because I had health issues. She had 3 of us singled out and we were forced away from the class…mocked by her….screamed abuse at for 2 years….the reason…this silly bitch of a teacher had a nervous breakdown but never got help so she took it out on us. It was worse yet for her own kids when they got to her class. We were kids and you don’t do that to kids….in later life I met her and well let’s just say her first nervous break down must have felt like a holiday compared to the amount of people like me who voiced our true opinions to her.

This i ll cover better tomorrow…..Rose Macgowen has penned an open letter to Hollywood asking to stop hiding the sexual abuse in the industry.  Rose ( 43) claims that she was raped by a Hollywood exec on set and that it happens to alot of women in the industry but they know that they re carreer is over if they speak out. A lawyer has told Rose that because she did a sex scene in the movie that a rape cases won’t hold up. This is just pure awful….money equals power equals the need to destroy lives ….why….because you can!!! More about this tomorrow. 
So until tomorrow guys and gals….wake up America….please…because the rest of the world has a stake in the outcome of your election too

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is rose macgowen 

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