When I was a young man and telephones where big black things with dials and the most terrifying thing to an Irish mammy was a plastic bag ….but playing with a loaded shotgun was OK…..the Spice Girls popped up. Yes we all thought they were shite then too but hey they made money and I ll never knock someone for that….but unfortunately it didn’t stop there. No posh spice ( ie slapper spice) went on to marry David Beckham and then the world got worse….they had children.

So come to the present day and little Beckham is playing guitar ( badly) and singing like cock roach….but of course Victoria Beckham has to post it on Instagram and say how brillent he is. This is the major problem with the music industry now….the spawn of shit acts ( more on shit later) now being pushed into the limelight because they are already a household name. Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to find good music…no matter what your style is. It’s out there but you really have to dig. It’s like the late 80s all over  again where all the same acts were making the same music and good music  was hard to find. Well I ll throw it down here….I aim to change that…watch this space.

As I said more on shit…a Democrat tour bus emptied it’s toilet into a storm drain in Lawrenceville GA. It was photographed and the police were called who in turn had to call the hazmat people to deal with it. So America this is what Hilary thinks of you. I could write about wild Willy himself Bill Clinton’s latest sexual assault claim against him  or Hilary Clinton’s health or all the dodgy deals done over the years that have come out in the new lot of emails but it won’t matter because at this stage if you are going to vote for the witch nothing will change your mind 

Speaking of witches….get this….there is going to be  after school Satan clubs setup across America. I’m not kidding…what there going to teach there fuck knows ( i read once that a black mass involved sticking a statue of jesus up your ass….I’m not kidding ) but it’s very worrying to have kids exposed to this nonsense. Yes religion should be thought but openly and with respect of all religious beliefs because then maybe the future wouldn’t be has hate filled as it is now.

The person setting  up this afternoon school club is called Lilith Star ( above..I shit you not…it’s a woman…it’s think) and is the founder of the Satanic Temple of Settle she has been put under pressure from the satanic headquarters in Salem  ( where else) to setup  an after school club to counter Christian after school clubs. This Lilith Star ( sounds like one of bills hookers…no wait that was kenith star…sorry off the point) has a Harvard degree in what….fuck knows or cares….but aims to set these clubs up all over America. With so much going on in the world that is bad and rotten  …this is the best a Harvard graduate can do with her time…we re fucked…simply put we re fucked!!!

I know I said I’d write more about Rose Macgowen today but I can’t seem to find anymore details. It’s seems she was raped on set and because of a sex scene in the movie there can’t be a case. If this can happen to a Rose Macgowen….just think what happens to the thousands of hopefuls trying to make it in the movie industry… careful what you wish for…because you just might get it…but at what price.
So until tomorrow guys and gals…Hilary is shitting  on you all…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow

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