I can’t stand Amy Schumer. Her jokes are old, she is annoying and yes we all known that men and women are different….so no one needs a tool like her to tell us. A few days ago she asked republican supporters to leave because she couldn’t hack a bit stick from the crowd after she mocked Trump. Welcome to the real world Amy where normal people don’t blown smoke up your ass telling you how great your old jokes are.

But it gets worse…..Madonna  ( yes she is still alive) has offered to give a blow job to men who vote for Hilary. I can think of no bigger reason to vote Trump than the  thought of old spice Madonna giving me a blow job as a reward for voting for Hilary . Think about guys …it’s a scary thought…Madonna kneeling  in front of you ready to defile you. There is not enough antibiotics in the world to cure what you might get. Madonna came out with this at the start of the Amy Schumer show last night…yuk yuk yuk.

Why the fuck does Russia have 10 ships in the north Sea!!! I know putin wants to show the size of his dick while useless Obama is still Jerking off in the white house and thus give a taste to the new president of what Russia is capable of. But this could get out of hand.This is Russia’s first real blue water navy since the cold war.  A 300m aircraft carrier and nuclear armed battleship lead the ten strong flotilla which is expected to sail through the Dover straights and into the Mediterranean to back  up Russian fighters in Syria. Turkey  ( fuck Turkey) are now saying that Syria could decend into a proxy war between superpowers if something is not done. The reason it could decend into a battlefield between America and Russia is because Turkey did nothing to stop the war in Syria  so once again I say fuck Turkey. 

But these build ups off troops is seriously worrying  ( even more than the thought of Madonna giving me a blow job) because on the American side you have people like that congressman who thought that islands float and that Guam would topple over if more people went there…..this is what runs the free world…I shit you not.

An ex teacher who was found guilty of sexual assault on a teenage girl, who was in and  out of youth homes, somehow managed to get a razor blade into the court room and then tried to cut his throat when the verdict was given down. But  he fucked it up and he survived….mores the pity. Why  do I say that….first off he abused a minor…then does not have the guts to take his punishment when found guilty. The court should have gone for lunch and left the bastard there….save money rather than pay to have him locked up.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….that if there is a tomorrow what  with the navy build up.

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s my future ex wife Alison Harvard 

Future ex wife

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