Ah it’s the first day that I ve gone through the news headlines and well….there is nothing worth writing about. Mel Gibson gets a standing ovation for his new movie so he is kinda forgiven for losing the rag and trying to kill the girlfriend over a blow job new girlfriend must give good head. Apple have lost money for the first time in ages and 90%of apple products bought on amazon are fake. A school in Allope was bombed and refugees are rioting in France because they don’t want to be moved to another camp…..but I don’t feel any of this is news…is there something wrong with me.

Even celebrity stuff…..i didn’t know who any of the people were who were in the headlines today. Just zed listers who want to talk about dieting, sex and depression….in that order. I find myself not giving a shit about them or there is the feeling of ” which do they need more fame or money”. I think the losers need fame but the famous need more and more money…..I think the bigger celebrities more greed there is. But still I don’t care.

This is the black hole of news. Where we read what’s going on in the world but we just don’t give a shit. Honestly….how many times have you watched something awful on the news and said ” That’s terrible” ….but then switched over to ” home and away” where Alfa Stewart is calling some guy a ” flaming galah”( what the fuck is a “galah” anyway)

But I do it… what’s the answer….become a trendie lefty pointing fingers at people….NEVER!!!! For me the answer is simple….I’m going to fucking go to these places and see for myself as to what the fuck is going on and not get the the shitty news version. Porta Gregor is looking for funding ( most of the money I ll Put up myself) and Porta Gregor is going to go to the biggest shit holes on face of this earth….alone… and show you  true news.

Will I survive …..probably not but at least I will have died tying and not pulling my lad on the couch…..187 forever baby…Porta Gregor for ever…

So until tomorrow guys and gals….open your eyes and take in the world…it’s waiting for you

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s Dita Von Teese 

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