This is brilliant I love it. Kimmy kardashian says that the robbers didn’t come for the jewellery but cash. Thing is Kimmy didn’t have any cash….so kim kardashian is a bum. I personally don’t care much about her being robbed….but the fact she has no cash is hilarious. That mean no tips for staff…no nothing and stick everything on a card…but why didn’t they take the card and get the pin off her…. anyone else seeing the same picture as me….no cash….so she screams take the ring. This could be the inside job it sounds like….no cash…need for headlines….have assets but won’t get they value unless…….watch this space guys and gals .

Not to worry anyone but there is a massive build up of nato troops in Estonia. There is 14000 more British troops heading there in January. Why? Well to be totally honest I don’t really know. All nato countries are complaining about Russia but I don’t see the problem.

It’s something  to wth Syria. So we re all going to die because of Syria….great. But this is the biggest deployment of nato troops against Russia since the cold war. Russia is showing off its new blue water navy by sailing down the English channel and the British answer by putting typhoon euro fighters in Estonia. The big problem is having two massive armies in such close proximity to each other….the slightest mistake and suddenly it heats up. We re not out of it either here in the Republic of Ireland because when we signed the Lisbon treaty we became part of Battle group North….which is now being called up by nato.

In Salem  ( where else) “The satanic temple” have they re headquarters and are set to sue the state in order to be allowed put up a big statue of the goat/man thing in front of they re church. These guys are different to Anton le vaigh’s crowd who used to dress up in the 60s ( funny thing bout Anton was his final words….” oh dear lord jesus help me” nice ….for the guy who wrote the satanic bible) . Everyone has the right to practice they re own religion but we here at 187 respect they re right to be assholes.

These guys are assholes because they don’t believe in Satan. I don’t get it either. And it’s run by a Jewish guy….who is still Jewish. Another reason these guys are assholes is they want a land mark of the ten commandments removed because it is offensive them and want to  set up anti Christian after school clubs for kids.  I think these guys just need to get a life to be honest….Idel hands do the devil’s work.

Now we get to the sexy Mariah Carey. She is single again ( she must have gotten my letter). Her billionaire boyfriend called off the engagement because….you won’t believe this…of her speading!!! The guy is a fucking billionaire and it’s not like she is short of money either. A billionaire has more than one thousand million dollars….the interest alone for one day is more than a middle class family makes in a year. How much was the bitch speading and on what? Oh but he left her keep the $10million engagement ring. Why do I get the feeling  he just wanted to hit the road….by any means possible.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….start building the bunkers you never know…
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Sarah Michelle Gellar ….

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