First off I ve got to say this….putting a pair of glasses on a porn star is a target to aim at not proof she has a brain and if Trump shaged four porn stars ….I’d want him for president even more….way to go Trump.

So as we gathered yesterday I’m not a fan of ” Street outlaws “. There is something I can’t put my finger on ( nor want to….if you know what I mean) that freaks me out….plus the fact they use race cars instead of street cars and …well they re all assholes. So Porta Gregor is going to step up with a true race idea.

First off forget about this standing quarter monkey shit. I’m talking about point to point race….min 60 miles…why..fuel. With a min of 60miles drivers are going to have to work out fuel …too much too heavy….too little and well it’s ” found dead at the side of the road”. All cars GPS tracked and every car picks it’s own route thus allowing for true racing as you ve no idea where the other driver is. The other option is to run it like the Isle of Man TT on a closed circuit and drivers starting at 2 min intervals.

The cars need to be Street cars. Must be able to carry a passenger  ( and must bring that passenger). Car must have Oem engine meaning no 7 litre v8 engines in a fucking mini. If it’s a mazda  rx7  it must have a mazda rx7  engine ( now what you do to that engine is your business).Car interior must be intact to show its a street car and be fitted with half roll cage ( as full roll cage will not pass car test). Car also must run on street tyres and no pimp juice ( makes car stick to road on drag tyres). Also car must have nct ( national car test) tax and be insured. This is the only way to prove that these cars are on the road as Street cars….also you must arrive in your car…you race what you brought.
Now this is the bit that separates the men from the boys… min entry fee … €10k!!! This weeds out the shit head hicks who keep saying ” I’d fucking drive the life outa that …sham” as the try to get into the knickers of the hot little bar girl who thinks a Toyota starlet is a classic ( classic piece of shit and should be blocking holes in ditches) 10% of fee goes to organisers and it’s winner takes all.

Loads of hot women ( and men because some of the best drivers are women). Loads of show cars and of course the best bit….it’s all completely illegal meaning if you there your ass is on the line. Once on the road it’s your choice how you drive. So if you kill someone….your going to jail and rightly so….this might be a great idea in a blog…BUT RACING ON THE STREET IS FUCKING STUPID AND YOU ARE A DUMB ASS IF YOU DO IT…not that this will stop anyone.

But picture this….imagine if it was made legal!!! Any small town that would host a closed circuit race over a weekend would clean up financially. Bands…show cars…fuel girls ….races…tickets to certain areas…betting….the works. The influx of people to see Street cars race the hell out of each other would bring so many people to a town …more than any festival of food or cultural because car people spend money….culture idiots spend nothing and smell.
If anyone out there wants to help Porta Gregor and 187 set up this race….drop us a line…” dirty deeds done dirty cheap”
So until tomorrow guys and gals….diet coke makes you strong like bull…

Love you all guys and gals and please remember to like/hate/ do something …just so we know 

Here is more of the beautiful women we ve had on this blog over the last few months

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