Everyone should know by this stage that Porta Gregor loves Lindsay Lohan . …. but who the hell is this person in the photos!!! It looks like Lindsay Lohan but I kinda would have to ask her for ID the next morning just to be sure I slept with the right person ( plus to keep her knickers as a souvenir . …..hate to keep the wrong knickers . ….not that I would do that…)

Lindsay Lohan also has some weird new accent that no one can understand…. it kinda sounds like a ex new York donkey who just discovered cocain. She has opened a nightclub in Athens . …and  now she is giving advice on the European refugee crisis ( fuck knows what she ll come up with)……who is this person…. bring back old Lindsay Lohan who fucks up and is well…. good looking.
San Francisco is one of the worst cities hit by crystal meth in recent years. It was an experiment by Mexican drug cartels to test out a new version of meth that is known as ” super meth” …..basically one hit and your hooked and then it’s roughly a 5 years death sentence. And guess where it is coming now….the west coast of the Republic of Ireland …because our irish navy is off out in the Mediterranean pulling lads out of the sea and not patrolling and protecting the people of Ireland . …but no headlines in doing they re job is there.

But here is the major problem for San Francisco ….homeless people addicted to meth who crap on the street and just dump used syringes anywhere .  The government in San Francisco are saying that it is cleaner than last year….but you judge….its literally a shithole.

This is what awaits most cities in America if this “super meth” takes hold  and it is. So is ireland, we are the gateway to Europe and my country is going to become a land of meth zombies. this needs to addressed ……if America doesn’t stop the drugs on export….Ireland should stop them before they get in to the country. But here is another problem . …Labs are being set up to produce this  ” Super meth ” in country…..thus no import or export. If you don’t know crystal meth has no natural ingredients so it is 100% chemical. This is your kids future . ….if you don’t fight this problem now, they don’t have a future. Porta Gregor says if you find a meth dealer……Make him eating his complete supply . ….Death dealers is all they are.

Finally Saudi Arabia has locked up a prince for 10 years and he just got the first 50 lashes of 1000. This comes after another prince was beheaded for shooting another guy. But what I can’t work out is the crowds that turn up to watch the flogging and beheadings !! it’s like a day out for the wife and kids….nutters.

Speaking of Princes, Harry has a some new girlfriend , I have no idea who she is but she’s hot. Plus I don’t give a bollox bout Harry and how the poor girl can force herself into his bed is beyond me. Balls to you Harry….

So until tomorrow guys and gals . ….. DON’T DO METH….. EVER!!!!!!
Love you all guys and gals 

Here is proof that women get hotter with age….. Yasmin le bon is 50 in these photos


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