LOOK I can’t put this any other way…. prince harry is aa idiot, he looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot and acts like an idiot…. you see the point I’m getting at. So not a fuck could I give about him or his new girlfriend. She is good looking but ment to be a fruitcake . … I pity her because she ll probably have to be ” tried out” by Draula himself Prince Charles and that sheepdog he married… but fame knows no lowness . … your stuck with the toolbox prince baby… ( note to self… find out her name….. ah on second thoughts  don’t fucking bother) Balls to you Harry .

Speaking of balls…. get this fucking weirdo in Boynton Beach, now try not to laugh ( i couldn’t ) …. Kurt Allen Jenkins a guy with no criminal record . .. decided to strip off all his clothes then drive his Toyota naked around town looking for a sexual partner . … except he had his balls connected to a car battery giving him a trill while driving!!!!!…. what the fuck would make you drive around  you’re home town ( or any town) naked randomly asking people to have sex with you….. but doing  it while your balls are connected to a car battery . .. hahahahaha . ..i cant write it.

Anyway he pulls up to some guy and calls him over the car…… asks him for sex ..  it is  then the guy sees that he has himself connected to a car battery .  he jumped back but took a photo and sent it to the  police… who then found Jenkins and arrested him. The police have sent him for a phyiathic evaluation  ( seriously . … even I can tell he is a fucking lunatic ). But I ask you…. what would you do if you saw a naked local driving around with his balls connected to a car battery . … i would probably fall down  of a heart attack laughing at the fucking tool and would be just my luck he d have to jump me with his balls….

In Russia a 16 year old  kickboxer had a fight with another kickboxer  because he thought he had shagged his girlfriend . …  difference here is the 16 year old pulled out a kitchen knife, stabbed the other dude a few times then hacked his head off while he is still alive and left with the head.

Now what do you do with some dudes head after you ve ran off with it….. yes you ve guessed it …. nothing says I love more than giving your girlfriend a servered hhead. This fucking nutter brought it to his teenage girlfriend to show how much he loves her!!! Of course the  poor girl freaks and calls the cops and they lock the tool up. Thank God I ve no kids..

Oh Taylor Swift  is not pregnant….. but if she were I ll bet they would be alot of lads sweating bullets in Hollywood . .. ” please don’t let it mine…. please don’t let it be mine…. I ll be good i promise” . Maybe Jenkins thought he had knocked up good old swifty  and had to connect himself to a car battery as punishment . …

So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. dont get your wires crossed when connecting yourself to a car battery . …
Love you all guys and gals 

Here is the strangely sexy Nicola Roberts 

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