When we declared our support for Trump . …. the lefties and trendies put us down they laughed at us, they gave us abuse, called us stupid . … and then over the campaign more and more people began to change. The abuse stopped, the lefties and trendies ( except the hard core idiots)  began  to switch, there was no more calling us stupid and so on. Then the truth began to appear about Hilary , about the lies, the benghazi affair, the emails and so much more. No longer were we laughed at, no longer was there put downs….. we became a movement .

That movement got its ture deserves last night when Donald Trump became the 45th president of the USA. Why hilary could nt publicly come out and conseed is true to her character and did it by phone…i don’t like that. But straight away the main stream media started the hatchet job on Trump  straight away… ” we re in fear” ….. ” the country is now ruined” …. but my personal favorite was on my local radio where the dumbest presenter I ve ever heard started saying ” it’s like waking up to a reality show” well guess what you ve got 4 years of that reality and maybe by then you ll have woken up.

That’s the big point…. more and more people are waking up to reality….  me it happened 2 years ago when I began to question what was being told in the main stream news and as I dug deeper and deeper the shine on life wore off, now if you choose to keep your head in the sand and believe the false shine and gloss spun at you through tv, radio and internet … thats your choose. But more more people are waking up and seeing the shit being fed to us and we re saying “no fuck you ” and we re making our own shine on life… and we will get there and Trump winning election is giant step inot the right direction . 

Is Trump perfect . … no. Is Trump the savior  of the world… no ….. but he is a dam good start. So now to wait 6 months and start an investigation into bat shit crazy Hilary and all you fucking lefties and trendies can either accept it or go home and bitch about being oppressed

So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. well done president Trump . … now the fight back beings…. thank you America for choosing freedom 
Love you all guys and gals 

Here is the Trump daughters…  Ivanka and Tiffany . …..  the hottest first daughters ever.

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