A bonus to Trump winning the election is that America is now rid of some biggest shower of loser celebrities ever ( you know the ones…. too much money can’t accept getting old.. ” oh no I’m not in the limelight” types ). But these scumbags kinda scare me …. what if they move to Republic of Ireland !!! WE DON’T WANT YE…. EVER….. PLEASE FUCK OFF . .. WE MEAN IT…FUCK OFF!!!

Here is a list of some the losers that America is now rid of and the rest of the world is in fear incase they move to they re country . …  Amy Schumer, Mily Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson , cher, Madonna , Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, … ah the list goes on and on but who cares it’s the old washed stars or the ones who can’t live without headline types that said they d leave. But please don’t come to ireland we have enough problems and stupid celebrities, shur ex miss world Rosanna Davidson wrote a book called ” how to eat your neighbours wife thin” ( not real name of book) and vogue williams  will turn up at the opening of an envelope if a camera will be there ( to think she willingly had sex with that tool from” boy west zone life ” or something like that…… is discusting ….  yuk yuk yuk) so please loser celebrities FUCK OFF … WE DON’T WANT YE….EVER …. ESPECIALLY NOT ELLEN BUT PORTIA CAN COME!!

Why can’t you lefties and trendies accept the outcome. In Chicago two young black men beat an old white man while shouting ” you voted Trump you gonna pay for this shit” a black woman watched on screaming ” beat his ass” . Then in california . .. you won’t believe this… a woman was interviewed by CNN in  an anti Trump protest and said ” people are going to have to die for this. If we don’t fight who will…. i know people will die on both sides ” This comes as California has said it will vote on cucession from the union and if it gets enough votes it will happen…. and then it’s civil  war! i ll be honest I didn’t think the trendies and lefties had the guts ….. but if you want blood you got it. Let them riot,let them  fight and if they step on your property you know what to do and I would advise getting a concealed carry licence. If you don’t own a gun …. buy one there is dark days ahead.

As for these new Melania Trump girl on girl pictures from years ago, all I can say is that if I’d seen them before the election it would make me want to vote for Trump even more. Can a man not have a beautiful wife.

In shocking news it turns out that Justin Bieber has a penis!!!! Im serious stop laughing he really has a penis because he is ment to have knocked up a girl ( i could go look her name up but I ve better things to do like play with your balls) !!! Can you imagine  the shame of this poor child growing  up with Justin Bieber as his/ her father. Poor child will have terrible time in school because Justin Biebers crimes against music are so big that the punishment  will fall on his child. Im still in shock that he was able to knock a girl up….. maybe he doesn’t have a penis and got a bodyguard to Jerk off in a cup or something  and….. ah I think we ll leave it there.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. don’t riot but if you do we bite back..
Love  you all guys and gals 

Here is the goddess that is Melania Trump


    1. It sure has….I’m getting death threats. But when a 15 year girl is beaten up over an election and an 11 year boys beaten till he ended up on crutches….it’s gone too far. There is the right to protest but not hurt kids. In Portland a crowd shouting to “mic check” ( stomp on head) a woman in a burka who was supporting the anti Trump protesters….it’s gone way too far. I’m trying to get people to fight verbally…least that way no beatings or anything happening it’s just words. But it’s going to be a strange America if this carrys on.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. The election was rough and I would rather not state how I feel about the Trump win. Everyone is entitled to how they feel though!


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