THIS anti Trump nonsense is getting out of control. The people have spoken and elected Donald Trump as the 45th president of the USA. If Trump had lost we supporters would have protested yes… but within the law and most definitely not fight with each other. This is what happened last night in Portland Oregon, as an anti Trump riot took place.

Some nutter with a baseball bat was trying to break some electrical box off a wall so he could break into a building. A woman was screaming at him to stop and when he had the door open a woman in a burka tried to stop him….he hit her and pushed her to ground shouting ” fuck you”. The woman was carrying an anti Trump banner but this didn’t seem to stop the male anti Trump supporter , he then started beating any thing that moved and a riot broke out. There was calls to ” mic check the bitch” ( stomp  on her head) from the crowd. So this is the true face of the people  hilary had backing her.

In more anti Trump attacks against innocent people, a high school girl was beaten by a black student,  accused of hating Mexicans all because she posted on Instagram that she supported Trump. In texas an 11 year old who voted Trump in a mock election held in the school was left on crutches as of a beating he received from anti  Trump kids. The word to notice here is ” KIDS “!!! Where do you think these hard core views come from… they re fucking parents and home situation .  To me all I think of anti Trump rioters and parents of kids passing they views on to these  kids is….. ye are fucking scum and us decent people say ” riot , beat us, attack us , abuse us, we ain’t going anywhere nor will we drop our support…… WELL DONE PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!”

It gets worse….. two fucking idiots in Oregon have submitted a petition to secede from the union in 2018. 1000 signatures are needed for a vote to take place and the two idiots are hoping that other states will join them. WHY ARE YE DOING THIS!!!! If states leave the union it will lead to civil war. Yesterday there was a woman calling for dead bodies on both sides over the election!!!! President elect Trump has not even taken office yet and there is clowns across America and the world rioting and abusing any supporters of Trump and if you ask them why….. no answer. Even me here in the Republic of Ireland is getting abuse. Life long friends have stopped talking  to me and my blog is being attacked left , right and center . Its all trendies  lefties and morons giving me abuse….. but I won’t bend or break, so I say ” just bring it”

In lighter news, Cher has said in the past that if Trump became president she would leave the planet. So off with you bitch but all that plastic surgery might melt in space. I also think that aliens might come out and show themselves  saying ” we come in peace but if ye send cher to us ….. it means war… we dont want her…. or fecking Mily Cyrus ”

Where else would you find Victoria Beckham and David following the elections . … China !!!  I have said it here and it’s a fact that China owns the major studios in Hollywood and it won’t be long before China controls the fashion industry  too ( who do you think makes the clothes from designers) so good old Victoria Beckham goes on stage holding hands with David and makes some stupid joke. But to be honest they are the joke, I have no problem with China, they are a hard working people and if they can afford to buy Hollywood and control countries… more power  to them but what I can’t stand is these loser celebrities coming out hanging on to the coat tails of China in order to get some press.  Why  cant these losers make headlines for themselves and not grab the  headlines for supporting China. Go get a life Victoria . …thats if there is any part of you soul left that you haven’t sold.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. thats if there is a tomorrow for me and other Trump supporters . ..


Love you all guys and gals  ( even anti Trump supporters)

Here is the beautiful Amy  Lee (Evanescence)

R. I. P.   LEONARD COHEN  (82)


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