At the weekends I like to write a two part story about something light hearted because that’s what we all need something silly to read and hopefully laugh at. This weekend I took yesterday off and was going to write about online dating but I ve got to put that off till next weekend as I have something more important to say.

First off, the election is over and congratulations to president elect Donald Trump .  Let me say that again for all the anti Trump rioters who are too busy beating each other up to know what day of the week it is, CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP !!!! So now that you got is clear in your fucking heads that the election is over and there is nothing going to change it….why is there rioting, why is there kids being beaten up in schools and my personal favorite friendships broken up over different points of view.

Yes I am a Trump supporter and I make no bones about it, I ve even got a Hilary for prison t-shirt …. in the Republic of Ireland . …so that should tell you bout me. so the minute  the election was over I looked at my friends list and it was gone down 40 -50 people but those filled up before the end of the day again, but then the true nasties started….. the real world friends. About 5 people who I would consider close friends unfriended me then sent me a ton of abuse and said they can’t talk to me anymore because of my support for Trump . …they can’t talk to me, what happened did mammy say I was bold and told you not to mix with the likes of me. How come all the way up to and during the election I was able to agree to disagree with these people and even joke about it….but it seems these lefties and trendies  ( I’ll admit they are lefties and trendies. …fuck em they can’t talk to me so kiss my ass) know only one thing, that they re opinion is the right one and only one that matters….I hate to point this out to you guys and girl ( yes I’m talking  about you G) that what you are doing is called fascism !!!

There is room in the world for all opinions and room to talk about them. Just look at what is happening with the rioting . ….these are the people who would be celebrating if Hilary won and the fascists that think that only they re opinion matters would be telling you what to do. It’s a horrible thought. So when I got the message this morning from a girl I was very close with for 20 years…..I just thought how much is this happening all over the world. For God’s sake the election is over, the people have spoken and president elect Donald Trump won the election…..why are ye lefties,trendies and fuck muppets  being so fucking stupid .  You are willing to stop talking to 20 year friends….break up relationships and families all because ye can’t deal with someone else’s opinion being different yours. This is wrong…plain and simple wrong..I now see why wars start, stupid people who don’t get they re way sulk and then give arms to even bigger idiots.

If Trump had lost, we supporters would have been the butt of jokes and gotten laughed at and we would have taken it. We wouldn’t have rioted and most certainly would have accepted other points of view and not unfriend people ….why….we re used to it. We know the man isn’t perfect but compared to that witch Hilary the man is saint but still we would have taken it on the chin if we lost and moved on and not riot not sulk not be down right back stabbing bitches  because . …now read this carefully lefties and trendies . ..REAL MEN AND WOMEN RESPECT THAT OTHERS HAVE A POINT OF VIEW….WEATHER IT BE DIFFERENT OR NOT….WE RESPECT IT!!! 

So to all those rioting, beating people up, attacking women, shitting on the street, sending abuse messages and unfriending I say to you…..please continue as you are just showing the world what fascist savages you are.I hate fascists…so…”if you want blood, you got it”
So until tomorrow guys and gals . ..oh fuck you “G” ……


Love you all guys and gals  ( even hilary supporters but not “G”)
Here’s Beyonce for all ye lefties and trendies . ..might keep ye quite for a day as ye pull the handles off each other….

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