Yes your not reading it wrong ….everyone’s favourite loser Kanye West wants to have his life story turned into a movie!! Talk abour the shortest script in history . ..”I wrote crap music  and married a tramp and for some reason I became famous ” the end.

Why the fuck would anyone in they re right mind want to know Kanye West’s life story !! A man who films him himself having anal sex with his wife  and then puts it on the Internet . …. is he going to claim that his computer was hacked….the problem there is that is  it needs  some small bit of intellectual ability to own a computer in order for it to be hacked. Fuck off Kanye…no one cares…

So to real news. With Obama on the way out guess what he has gone and done ….decided that it’s a great idea to take boarder guards off the boarders and open a new immigration center  in Arizona ! Angain your not reading that wrong, Obama is deliberately going out of his way to make, President elect Donald Trump’s  first few months in power as hard as possible…is there anything that Obama can do to fuck up America more!!

Luckily for America ( and the world) the boarder guards are trying to decide weather or not to follow Obama’s directions . Can anything say how bad a president is when his orders are open to question by patriots  willing to risk they re jobs by not following the orders of an out going president who will go down as the worst president in the history of America . Obama should  just stay dancing with jayz to date rape songs ….it’s all his fit for!

California is finding itself in political isolation after the democratic strong state for the first time in almost 100 years voted 62% Republican . Yes it’s the most populated state but the lefties and trendies  ( where else would you find them) of california had the chance to vote but we’re probably too stoned to bother or even better yet ( i love this idea) the majority of these people said one thing and did another. Keep the trendie image and vote Trump . …I love it I really do. So as california now whines and moans the rest of America is accepting the out come of the election and so is the world. I’m glad that this is happening as it could have turned into a very messy break up of America . …least other states are not following California into a sulk. Meanwhile the riots are getting less and less and the world  is still turning.

Yoko Ono screamed in a YouTube video….why….fuck knows and who the fuck cares. Fuck her

I’m sorry if I seem a bit angry today, I’m still pissed at “G ” who turned out to nothing more than a fascist . ..once more Fuck you ” G “!!!
So until tomorrow guys and gals . …stop the rioting and get on with making the world  better…not worse

Love you all guys and gals . …

I’m so pissed off I need my future ex wife Alison Harvard . …save me Alison save me…

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