Why are the streets not a wash with rioters . ..why is there not stress dogs and cry ins as there was in colleges across America after the election results, have ye not heard….Miley Cyrus has a fecking sister!!! there is now two of them!!!! but yet the losers seem calm….dear God help us.

Miley’a younger sister Noah released some song or something the other night and that was when I first heard of her…..Billy Ray kept that quite ….that he had another one in training. Seriously if the idiots who are rioting had a tiny bit of intellectual ability they would realise Billy Ray Cyrus is the man trying to take over the world….I ll bet he even has a plan to legalise line dancing again,wait line dancing  isn’t illegal . …but it fucking should be…..I remember the fear it struck in many a child who lived in dread in rural ireland,  dreading that they re parents would be caught line dancing and they you would have to live with the shame in school next day….dam you Billy Ray Cyrus . ..first line dancing . ..then mylie Cyrus . this …dam you I say …dam you!!

I didn’t believe that the trendies and lefties were such fucking pussies till last night I learned that in colleges all across America there was classes canceled because either the staff or the students were too upset because of election results to study. Also some colleges had stress dogs …. yes a stress dog, your ment to go up these special dogs on campus and tell him your stress of the election ( why is it I picture the dog saying to himself ” you are some fucking eeejet “) then there is the mass “cry in” …where a bunch of idiots go into a big college gym and cry together…I shit you not….the college pays non insane people to go around giving out tissues and hot chocolate while wondering to themselves ” wtf”.

This is seriously worrying . …these pussies are the next generation of doctors, lawyers , engineers and so on!! Let me give you an example , say one of these pussies over sees the building of a bridge and he makes a balls of it, if his boss says anything to him out pops the stress dog…or a lawyer gets objected too in court, will the judge bring him hot chocolate and a tissue !!! What happens if these people get into the army………  …” don’t shoot … you look stressed Mr terriost do want to rub my dog”. These are the people rioting and protesting  ( unfortunately not against Billy Ray Cyrus . ….why cant ye see the danger) on the streets of America. But what is truly awful about these people is the fact that they are turning up on buses to each city to riot. 92 buses arrived in Austin, Texas to riot…..who is paying for the transport and feeding of these idiots…I ll let yourself decide. 

It seems that Obama can’t just go out of office with some decentity. In a speech he gave last night he just openly mocked president elect Donald Trump and his policies. Obama also said that the oval office will be too much for Trump and it will spell doom. This coming from the man who will go down in history as the worst president America ever had and every policy he has put in place has failed or made rich people richer. Obama also hasn’t gotten it into his head that it is the same demograph of people that elected him in 2008 that have now elected Trump. Why cant Obama and the rest of the anti Trump rioters give the man a chance and in a years time then decide…but no they decide to run around with signs saying  ” not my president “…guess what dumb ass he is your president so deal with it. Also when are all the celebrities going to leave and where are they going to go….Cher will be the first..yoke…on Mars, but Canada have told most of em to fuck off…..please don’t come to ireland . …ever!!

Can you believe that in the first “Glamour man of the year ” award, that they gave it to Bono! Fucking Bono!!!! Im Irish and even I don’t like him. So in order to be a ” man of the year” and get an award you need to keep 98% of money donated to your charity for yourself then move between countries so you don’t have to pay tax and still claim to be Irish.Nice going  Glamour!! One of the presenters said he was a roll model for her kids….so the roll model she choose for her kids is a guy who steals from charity, cheats on his wife, won’t pay taxes, looks down on the rest of the world and is an asshole….where’s my stress dog!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals . .. just go away Obama …
Love you all guys and gals . ….

Here’s miss chicken or fish herself . …Jessica Simpson 

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