Look I want to get off the election and get on with other news…Donald Trump has won can you please deal with it and move on!! The reason I’m kinda  pissed  is ….get this…colleges have now started giving out colouring books and crayons to students !!! Come off it please can you really be that stupid that you need a fucking colouring book …last night I saw saw a video off a very scary looking fat woman dressed as a baby with a good looking girl on a leash who barked every so often while the girl in the baby suit sang her own version of the ” star spangled banner” with weird lyrics while covering herself with beer. ..they were anti Trump . ..but fuck nows what she was complaining about.Now we all know know it’s 10% of students need the colouring books and the other 90% are out getting drunk and having sex like real students . ..but 10% is still alot, so to the 90% grow up and get on with life even the police are sick of you. Here is the link to the crazy woman with girl on leash

In Europe there is the ” European Defence Agency  ” they have roughly  130 people working for it because basically most countries are in nato or in UN …or like us in rep.of ireland neutral. ..but all that is to change. There is now to be a massive growth in the ” EDA” as European countries ask for an extra $24m to be invested in the EDA. 

I know that $24m sounds like not a whole lot till you realise what it is being used for….the building of the European equivalent of the pentagon! So in other words it will be an administration with European armies funded by nato and un ..which means the Republic of Ireland  will have to send troops to fight if a European war happens…all because of the Lisbon treaty which made us part of Battle group North  and yesterday America papers claimed that globalism didn’t exist….think again.

An even more scary thought is that domino’s have delivered the first pizza by drone…in New Zealand. It’s a publicity stunt but it’s not to far away that amazon, DHL and delivery companies start to deliver by drone. I don’t know how to feel about this because if the drone pisses me off or has the wrong pizza . …I’m going to blast the fucking thing out of the sky. Watch think his space.

Finally a museum I can get into…the world’s largest penis museum which is due to open in Iceland.  There will be other penis’s besides mine there like the largest ever that of a sperm whale..but I’m delighted to they ve picked me….oh wait …. I just reread the letter …they said I was the biggest penis head they had ever come across…looks like ye will have to see my penis some other way girls….anyway….

And finally the beautiful Cindy Crawford is selling a house for $60m! How do people live this lifestyle of $60m homes and million dollar cars and well anything you want….don’t get me wrong I want certain things but my dream car is £7k and  ideal house for me and my kitty kats is alot less zeros than $60m ( how many zeros is that)…but more power to you Cindy. On another thing about Cindy her daughter is now a model and she looks really like Cindy Crawford . ..she has a massive future a head of her.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …stop using crayons dumb asses…

Love you all guys and gals . ..( except ” G” and the fat fruit cake woman with a barking girl on leash)

Here’s the myth buster Keri  Byron ….

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